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USOP Da Nang 2023 - Super High Roller
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 22 Nov, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 22 Nov, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 22 Nov, 2023

Super High Roller Day 1 Ends 

Super High Roller Day 1 Ends

Day 1 of the Super High Roller ended after 10 Levels of the game were played. The average stack in the Super High Roller at the end of Day 1 is 450K while a total of 25,200,000 chips are in play. 

The event had registered 126 players out of which 56 players are left in the game. Late registration will end when Level 12 concludes. Chcek out the full list of survivors ahead of Day 2.




Players in Day 2 Super High Roller

Name Country Chips
Oh Jun Seok South Korea 1,167,000
Pham Duy Anh Vietnam 1,128,000
Won Gyu Kang South Korea 1,002,000
Peng Yang China 919,000
Jun Hyoung Ki South Korea 880,000
Khoa Anh Vietnam 838,000
Yeung Tsz Wai Hong Kong 817,000
Le Ngoc Minh Vietnam 793,000
Lee Hon Cheong Hong Kong 743,000
Peter Kiem USA 740,000
Wong Tung Wing Hong Kong 697,000
Kunal Patni India 677,000
William Jia Australia 649,000
Dylan Foster Australia 648,000
Win Meng Tan Australia 624,000
Ian Lee Malaysia 618,000
Youhyun Kim South Korea 594,000
Vishal Ojha India 544,000
Daewoong Song South Korea 523,000
Chul Ho Park South Korea 497,000
Masato Kashiwabara Japan 489,000
Yita Choong Australia 486,000
Ho Jin Sung South Korea 469,000
Nam Hyung Kim South Korea 449,000
Han Dong Bin South Korea 441,000
Sparrow Cheung Hong Kong 420,000
Mr Ngo Vietnam 417,000
Anthony Cierco France 414,000
Zheng Xiaosheng China 413,000
Won Chul Bae South Korea 409,000
Yeh Hung Wei Taiwan 405,000
Huu Dung Nguyen Vietnam 369,000
Ho Koon Leon Singapore 361,000
Oliver Bies   337,000
Teoh Ming Juen Malaysia 332,000
Win Han Myanmar 330,000
Jin Hoon Lee South Korea 312,000
Tim Schimmel Germany 299,000
Huynsup Kim south Korea 291,000
Dinh Tien Thanh Vietnam 261,000
Hwany Lee South Korea 220,000
Darian Tan Malaysia 192,000
Chen Moyan China 186,000
Jae Wook Shin South Korea 181,000
John Perry Australia 176,000
Quang Nguyen Vietnam 175,000
Doan Quang Trung Vietnam 164,000
Nguyen Quang Huy Vietnam 160,000
Jeffrey Lo Hong Kong 148,000
Josh McCully Australia 148,000
Wu Jun Hao Singapore 144,000
Jiyoung Kim South Korea 142,000
Seungmook Jung South Korea 123,000
Le Van Binh Vietnam 123,000
Yunbeom Lee South Korea 90,000
Jaesung Lee South Korea 84,000


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