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Loveleen Singh Mega Stack Winner Poker
GS Admin
Posted on 13 Dec, 2017
By GS Admin
On 13 Dec, 2017
By GS Admin
On 13 Dec, 2017

SSS Finale Day 2: Loveleen Singh wins Mega Stack for INR 5L

The ongoing Spartan Super Series (SSS) Finale 2017 is on in full swing with tournament guarantees being crushed every day. Yesterday’s Day 2 saw the culmination of 5 tournaments including Tuesday’s featured tournament Mega Stack. It was Loveleen ‘shango‘ Singh who shipped the tournament for INR 5,03,100 after a heads-up battle with ‘krdurr1’ who is also a reg on the site. ‘krdurr1’ collected INR 309,600 for the runner-up place.

The showstopper prize on the minds of all SSS participants is the Harley Davison 750cc motorcycle which will be the top giveaway to the SSS Finale leaderboard winner along with INR 5 Lakh cash prize. Currently, Singh is atop the leaderboard with 4,609 points and following him is 26-year old Ragesh a.k.a ‘raging bourne’ with 2,578 points. Let’s take a quick look at yesterday’s SSS tournaments:

SSS #6 INR 220 (120K GTD) (R+A)

The day began with 895 entries in this event making a prize pool of INR 179,000 which was distributed amongst top 30 places with a min-cash of INR 1,343. ‘profishnalshark’ claimed the title for INR 37,590 outlasting these entries. ‘profishnalshark’ defeated ‘Serial Limper’ in the heads-up battle. ‘Serial Limper’ collected INR 26,313 for the second place finish.

The winner was announced in the Level #44 with blinds 50,000-100,000-10,000 where the opponents ‘Serial Limper’ had 5h Ah and ‘profishnalshark’ was holding Ac Kh. The pre-flop saw a raise and re-raise match which ended with both the players going all-in. The board ran 7h Qs 9d 3d 7c which gave a pair of Sevens to both the players but ‘profishnalshark’ won the hand with King kicker.

SSS #7 INR 440 (160K GTD) (RE)

The re-entry tournament drew 531 entries making a prize pool of INR 212,400. Top 36 players got a share of the prize pool with a min-cash of INR 1,381. Coming on top was ‘BADLUCK’ outlasting ‘piyush960’ in the final round. ‘BADLUCK’ was rewarded with a first-place prize of INR 42,480.

The last hand came in the Level #42 with blinds running 35,000-70,000-7,000 where ‘piyush960’ had 2c 3s and ‘BADLUCK’ had 8d 8h. The board ran 5h Kd 4d Tc Qs with no help to ‘piyush960’ and ‘BADLUCK’ shipped the title with pocket eights.

SSS #8 INR 1,100 (200K GTD) (FO)

The Freezeout tournament saw a participation of 235 players making a prize pool of INR 235,000 which was distributed amongst top 30 places with a min-cash of INR 1,763. ‘99ayka99’ claimed SSS #8 for INR 49,350 while ‘kiddwan07’ took the second place for INR 34,545.

The Level #37 along with these blinds15,000-30,000-3,000 saw the last hand of the tournament where ‘99ayka99’ had Qd 8c and ‘kiddwan07’ was having As Jc. The showdown 6d 3c 9d 8s 8h saw which gave three of a kind, Eights to ‘99ayka99’ and also the title.

Speaking to ‘99ayka99’ who is a 31-year old from Delhi, said, “I am happy to win the SSS tournament and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.”

SSS #9 INR 3,300 MEGA STACK (15L GTD) (RE)

The Tuesday featured tournament which is also a part of SSS Finale drew 645 entries making a big prize pool of INR 19,35,000. Top 60 places took a share of the prize pool with INR 7,740 as min-cash. Outlasting these entries was 27-year old Loveleen ‘shango’ Singh from Gurgaon completed his education in MBA.

Currently, Singh is playing poker full time, and he said, “I have started playing on TheSpartanPoker recently and I must say tournament structures are really well designed. I was 7/8 when the final table started but thanks to the structure I still had more than 20 BB left. Apart from this, the Field is big with a lot of Challenging players. ‘krdurr1’ on the final table gave a good fight. As far as the leaderboard is concerned I am really excited about leading it and I am definitely going to play all the events now and try to win it.”

The MegaStack tournament’s winner was announced at the Level #51 with blinds 50,000-100,000-12,500 where ‘krdurr1’ had 8c Qd and ‘shango’ was holding 4s 5s. The board ran 4c 5d 9s 6c 2s which gave two pairs, Fives and Fours to ‘shango’ and also the Mega Stack title for INR 503,100. ‘krdurr1’ was eliminated at second place for INR 309,600.

SSS #10 INR 880 (480K GTD) (R+A)

The last event saw 651 entries participating in this tournament for a prize pool of INR 520,800. The prize pool was distributed to top 27 places with a min-cash of INR 4,687. ‘Archio’ knocked down this big field to take down the last event of the day for INR 114,576. ‘Archio’ defeated December Millionaire Samay ‘Limitless’ Modi in the final round who took home INR 77,599.

The last hand of the tournament came in the Level #42 with hot blinds 35,000-70,000-7,000 where both the opponents had ‘Archio’ holding Js Jd and ‘Limitless’ had Jh Kd. On a board of Jc 2h 9d Qh Kh, ‘Archio’ got a hand of three of a kind, Jacks.

After Day 2, Loveleen Singh a.k.a ‘shango’ is leading SSS leaderboard. Let’s take a quick look:

SSS leaderboard


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