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Rubin Labroo Mega Freeze Poker
GS Admin
Posted on 11 Jun, 2019
By GS Admin
On 11 Jun, 2019
By GS Admin
On 11 Jun, 2019

Rubin Labroo is new Mega Freeze champion on Spartan

Mega Freeze INR 6 Lakh GTD is not the biggest guarantee tournament on Spartan Poker, but it is easily one of the most popular featured tournaments they have to offer. Played every Monday night in the freezeout format, it attracts some of the best players in India as the skill component is much more prominent in freezeout tournaments.

You won’t find a lot of shoving early on in tournaments as you can’t return once you’ve busted here. Last night, 92 players took part in the tournament where the buy-in was set at INR 5,500. The prize pool was then distributed among the top 13 finishers with a min-cash of INR 12,300.

While there were a number of top pros in contention, it was none other than Rubin Labroo who emerged victorious in the tournament. He’s someone who has several past victories on Spartan Poker as well as other websites, and you can get a whole list of his poker achievements here.

Labroo plays as ‘kornkid’ on Spartan and most other websites and yesterday, he bagged another title after he beat the field and ‘tintin333’ in heads-up. The tournament didn’t last too long, wrapping up by Level #31 with the blinds at 2,800/5,600 – ante 400 and tintin333’s Aces being cracked in the final hand.

Labroo had managed to build a 3:1 chip lead by the time they reached the final hand. Here, tintin333 slow played his Aces, making small bets pre-flop, on the flop and checking the turn. By then, the board had opened Qd Js Td 8s and Labroo had already completed a straight, holding K9. He shoved on the river and got a call, winning the title and INR 1,57,500 as prize money. On the other hand, the runner-up bagged INR 1,10,400 for his run.

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