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Rampage Poker Scammed By Dustin Aab For Over $450K_ Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 16 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 16 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 16 Jul, 2023

Rampage Poker Scammed By Dustin Aab For Over $450K?

Pokernews shared a post on Ethan Yau aka Rampage Poker being scammed by Dustin Aab for over $450K. The post showed screenshots of Rampage’s tweet. 

We dived straight into Rampage Poker’s Twitter account and found tweets wherein he shared how Aab took money from him as a personal loan and is now falling back on repayment. 

One of Rampage Poker’s tweets read, “I’m over being silent. Short form details: Dustin Aab owes me well over $450K from a personal loan he took from me. Monthly installments/payments have not been paid for 5 months with 1 month left on our contract. Can’t say this guy can be trusted, more details coming soon.” 

Rampage Poker’s tweet on Dustin Aab’s scam

With the above post he also shared a picture of his conversation with Aab where Yau talks about not receiving the payments from Aab on his personal loan and also about being blocked on iMessage. 

Aab on the other hand has accused Rampage Poker of using his influence on social media to target him and his family. 

Rampage Poker’s loan to Dustin Aab

Yau gave a personal loan to Aab from the prize money he earned from the World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship in December 2022. Now the matter of non-repayment is out in the public and Aab is hitting back at Rampage Poker. 

Aab even threatened Rampage Poker and wrote that he will get a lawyer and police to intervene. Yau paid no heed to Aab and responded by stating that he could do whatever he could do. 

Interestingly, Rampage threw an open challenge at Aab for a freeroll. He wrote, “If you’re reading this from your broke ass phone Dustin, I challenge you to a freeroll to get out of this debt. We bare knuckle box on live stream for 5 rounds regardless if opponent is KO’d. You win, debt is off. I win, everything stays the same.” (sic)

Going by the responses Aab gave Rampage, it looks like the poker player got scammed for a lot of money. Yau even mentioned in one of his social media posts, that this incident was a lesson learnt. 

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Image Credit: Pokernews.com

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