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Poker Networks

A poker B2B network is an online platform that connects multiple poker rooms or websites together under one roof, allowing players from different sites to play against each other on shared tables.

These B2B networks provide a larger player pool, more game options, and increased liquidity, resulting in an enhanced grinding experience. Let us take a look at what poker networks are.

A poker B2B network refers to an online platform or an organisation that connects multiple online poker sites. This network allows players from different online poker rooms to grind against each other on a platform that is shared, which then increases the player pool and offers a wider and better variety of games and poker tournaments.

Here are some key points about poker networks:

Player Pool:

By having multiple online poker rooms, a poker network is able to create a bigger player pool, which means more active poker players and games available at any given time period. Having a wider playing field, sets the prize pool on a higher side, which means that players can win heavy-duty prize money.

Shared Software:

Poker networks offer a shared software platform that is used by all the connected poker rooms. This allows players to have a consistent experience across different rooms under one network.

Game Selection:

Poker networks offer a wider range of poker games, tournaments, promotions and variants because they combine the player bases of multiple poker platforms. This means players can find a greater variety of cash games, poker tournaments, series, promotions, sit-and-go tourneys etc.


Poker B2B networks often host large-scale tournaments that span across multiple poker rooms within the network. These tournaments can have significant prize pools and attract a large number of players, providing a more exciting and competitive environment.

Network Policies:

Every poker network could have its own set of policies and promotions that apply to all the participating poker rooms. This will ensure consistency in terms of player behaviour, enforcement of rules, and promotional offers.

Player Traffic:

The success of a poker network is based on its ability to attract and retain a substantial player pool. Networks with higher player traffic will generally offer better game selection, mighty tournament prize pools, and more reliable customer service.

Network Effects:

Poker networks benefit a great deal from network effects, where the value of the network goes up as more players join the poker platforms. A larger player base attracts more players, leading to more poker games, tournaments with massive guarantees, and hassle-free gaming experience.

It’s important to note that different online poker networks will differ in terms of rules, player fields, and software utilised and user-interface.


Poker rooms join a B2B network to increase the number of players and tournaments available on their platform. By pooling their players with other online poker platforms, they can offer a larger variety of offers and tournaments.

Players benefit from poker B2B networks by having access to a larger player pool, which means more opponents to play against and a wider selection of games and tournaments. It also increases the chances of finding action at any time on cash games.

Yes, players from different poker rooms within the same network can play against each other. The network combines the player pools from various rooms, allowing players to compete against opponents from different platforms.

While poker B2B networks may share some common games and features, each room within the network has the flexibility to offer its own unique games, promotions, and features. So there can be variations between different rooms on the same network.

Poker B2B networks can be safe and reliable if they are operated by reputable companies and regulated by proper authorities. It's important for players to choose networks and rooms with good reputations and licenses to ensure a safe and fair gaming experience.

Yes, you can play on multiple poker platforms within the same network. The advantage of a network is that you can have accounts on different platforms but still access the shared player pool, allowing you to switch between rooms while maintaining your overall player balance and progress.

In most cases, you will need separate accounts for each poker platform within a network. While some networks offer shared wallets or allow you to transfer funds between rooms, you will generally need to create individual accounts for each room you wish to play on.

While many promotions and loyalty programs are network-wide and apply to all poker platforms within a network, there may be some room-specific promotions as well. It's important to review the terms and conditions of each promotion to understand its availability across different rooms.

Yes, poker platforms can choose to leave a B2B network if they decide it's in their best interest. They may do so for various reasons, such as seeking better opportunities or if they want to operate independently. However, it's also possible for new rooms to join a network, maintaining a balance of participants.

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