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Turbo Closer WPT Prime India 2023 Live Updates

Gokul Raj Claims His Second Title Of The Series

Gokul Raj

Gokul Raj has claimed his second title at the WPT Prime India 2023 series by taking down the Turbo Closer title. Previously he had shipped the Ship It NLH event. Raj had T 4 against Zarvan Tumboli‘s A 4 . The board of 6 6 8 K T came as a disappointment to the Spartan Poker pro who took the runner-up spot for ₹3,51,400.

  • Tumboli: A 4
  • Raj: T 4
  • Board: 6 6 8 K T

Gokul Raj Scores A Double Up, Eliminates Saurabh And Ganesh

Gokul Raj has scored a double-up to set the heads-up against Zarvan Tumboli. It was a three-way all-in pot where Raj had pocket sevens, Ganesh Kasapo had A 6 and Saurabh Kaushik had K Q . The board had 3 A 7 4 J , which sent Kasapo and Kaushik at the third and fourth place respectively. Kaushik cashed ₹1,40,600, while Kasapo got a pay cheque of ₹2,15,500.

  • Raj: 7 7
  • Kasapo: A 6
  • Kaushik: K Q
  • Board: 3 A 7 4 J

Four Players Move Farther From The Turbo Closer Title

The Turbo Closer final table has been advancing at a lightning speed with players eliminating quickly. Four players have bid farewell to the final table in the past few minutes. First, it was Jaydeep Dawer who was eliminated by Peush Singhvi, followed by Saurabh Kaushik ending Anmol Aggarwal’s tournament life. Then it was the last lady standing – Radhika Shankar’s time to bid farewell to the table, and then finally Singhvi exited in the fifth place.

Check out their payouts:

  • 8th – Jaydeep Dawer (₹65,600)
  • 7th – Anmol Aggarwal (₹74,500)
  • 6th – Radhika Shankar (₹87,600)
  • 5th – Peush Singhvi (₹1,10,000)

Final Table Begins! Zarvan Tumboli Leads The Pack

The final table of the Turbo Closer event here, at WPT Prime India 2023, is all set. Leading the pack is Zarvan Tumboli is leading the final nine with a heavy stack of 284,000. The second in stacks is Gokul Raj with 244,000. 

Name of player Chip count
Zarvan Tumboli 284,000
Gokul Raj 244,000
Anmol Agarwal 239,000
Ganesh Kasago 227,000
Peush Singhvi 174,000
Saurabh Kaushik 168,000
Radhika Shankar 125,000
Jaydeep Dawer 66,000
Arvind Abraham 50,000

Check Out The Payouts

The payouts for the Turbo Closer have been announced. The ₹20,000 buy-in event has generated a final prize pool of ₹18,74,600, which will be shared by the top 13 players. The min-cash is ₹46,800. The top prize will be ₹5,71,000. 

Check out the payouts:

  • 1st – ₹5,71,000
  • 2nd – ₹3,51,400
  • 3rd – ₹2,15,500
  • 4nd – ₹1,40,600
  • 5th – ₹1,10,000
  • 6th – ₹87,600
  • 7th – 74,500
  • 8th – ₹65,600
  • 9th – ₹57,100
  • 10th to 12th – ₹51,500
  • 13th – ₹46,800

What A Bustling Day At WPT Prime India 2023!

Deltin floor

It’s a busy and bustling day here at the WPT Prime India 2023 aboard the Deltin Royale poker room with five events taking place at the same time. The events that are currently happening are MegaStack Closer, 50K 8 Max and Turbo Closer, as well as two final tables namely High Roller and Big Bounty NLH. 

The action is in full swing, and the players are excited. A big shoutout to the organisers and Tournament Directors, who are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that everything functions smoothly. 

WPT Prime India 2023 Turbo Closer Flags Off

The last and final event on the WPT Prime India 2023 schedule has flagged off here at the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. The one-day event kick-started on 18th April 2023 at 5 PM. 

For a buy-in of ₹20,000, the players get a starting stack of 15,000 chips. The event will begin at Level 1 with blinds 100/100. Every level will last for 15 minutes. Players can enter the tournament till the start of Level 7. According to the decision of the organisers, 12.5% of the total registrations will be paid out at this event.

Meanwhile, the floor is buzzing with multiple events running simultaneously. 

For all the live updates delivered to you, stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine. 

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Place Winner Name Prize
1st place Gokul Raj ₹5,71,000
2nd place Zarvan Tumboli ₹3,51,400
3rd place Ganesh Kasapu ₹2,15,500
4th place Saurabh Kaushik ₹1,40,600
5th place Peush Singhvi ₹1,10,000
6th place Radhika Shankar ₹87,600
7th place Anmol Agarwal ₹74,500
8th place Jaydeep Dawer ₹65,600
9th place Arvind Abraham ₹57,100
10th place Bhuvan Bansal ₹51,500
11th place Bollera Muddappa ₹51,500
12th place Pratik Jain ₹51,500
13th place Devvrat Singh Kaurav ₹46,800
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