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WPT Prime India 2023 PLO Live Updates

Vineet Kumar is WPT India 2023 PLO Champion

The WPT Prime India 2023 PLO event has a winner in Vineet Kumar. The heads-up clash which went on for a while saw the veteran player emerge victorious and take home the coveted WPT Prime India 2023 trophy. Take a look at how the final hand in the PLO event unfolded to crown Vineet as the WPT Prime India 2023 PLO champion and Vikram Kumar as the runner-up. Vineet had J9T2 and his heads-up rival had Q953. When the community cards were revealed as KQT94, it gave Vineet a straight, the winning title and a handsome prize money worth ₹9,63,000. The runner-up takes home a pay cheque of ₹5,82,000.

  • Vineet: J9T2
  • Vikram: Q953
  • Board: KQT94

Vikram Kumar Taking It Away?

About 30 minutes ago, Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar was the shortest stack on the table but he has slowly been turning it in his favour. There’s been a lot of banter on the table and he’s clearly enjoying himself with his opponents. He chipped up after busting Deepak Agarwal and has now taken the lead against Vineet Kumar in heads-up as well. Is he going to win the WPT Prime India 2023 PLO tournament?! Or will Vineet prevail?!

Game Over For Deepak Agarwal!

Level 22, Blinds: 20K/40K, Ante 40K

Deepak Agarwal sure did get a taste of his own medicine when he was the one who had to leave the game after busting. Agarwal showed Jagdeep Singh the door and now it was his turn to get up and leave. Agarwal had AAT3 against his rival Vikram Kumar (K953) who was way ahead in chip count. The board presented 27953 which gave Kumar two pairs (99,55) and Agarwal’s aces were rendered useless. Agarwal finished third for ₹3,62,000 (don’t forget it was now time for heads-up).

  • Agarwal: AAT3
  • Kumar: K953
  • Board: 27953

Jagdeep Singh Eliminated!

Level 22, Blinds: 15K/25K, Ante 25K

One of the popular names in the Indian poker circuit, Jagdeep Singh, battled it out with Deepak Agarwal only to end up as the eliminated player. What happened? Read below. From the button position Singh (A995) threw in 60K preflop which his opponent called. Flop (784) when checked by both players and the turn (6) saw these rivals go all-in. Agarwal won the hand with A876 (he hit two pairs with 88,77) and Singh’s Nine-pair lost and he was seen leaving the game at the 4th spot for ₹2,54,000.

  • Singh: A995
  • Agarwal: A876
  • Board: 7846K

Kings vs Aces! Who Won?

LEVEL: 20, BLINDS: 10K/15K, ANTE 15K

Once again Vineet Kumar was the reason why one more player from the final table had to head towards the exit door. This time around it was Milena Mezhuieva. The lady sat with AKK9 and her rival had AAJ4. The community cards read QQ244 which worked out just fine for Kumar who’s having a gala time at the final table (going by the looks of it). Kumar’s better two pairs left his rival’s hand useless. The pretty lady walked away at the 5th position for ₹1,86,300.

  • Kumar: AAJ4
  • Mezhuieva: AKK9
  • Board: QQ244

Vineet Shows Sumukh The Door!

Level 21, Blinds: 10K/20K, Ante 20K

What happens when you lock horns with a veteran player like Vineet Kumar in a PLO tournament? Ask Sumukh K. Kumar using his chip lead position tried to scare away his opponent who sat with 127K (AJJQ). Kumar had AQT9 and on a board of 983J4, the veteran prevailed thanks to the straight he hit on the turn and Sumukh exited on the 6th position for a payday of ₹1,49,000.

  • Kumar: AQT9
  • Sumukh: AJJQ
  • Board: 983J4

Gagandeep Malik Finishes 7th In The PLO Event

LEVEL: 20, BLINDS: 10K/15K, ANTE 15K

Gagandeep Malik, a known name in the live and online poker circles, bowed out in the 8th position after his fight with veteran player Vineet Kumar. Malik vs Kumar was a battle of 320K vs 450K. On Level 20, Malik opened with 40K from UTG+1 and his rival Kumar called from the button position holding A K ♠ J 4 ♠. With K Q J ♣ 3 ♣ Malik was looking to add more chips to his stack. But the flop saw both players go all-in when the community cards fell 8 3   4 2   7 ♣. Kumar survived with just a Four-pair, and it was time that Malik got up and left the game at the 7th spot with a pay cheque of ₹1,24,000.

  • Malik: K Q J ♣ 3 ♣
  • Kumar: A K ♠ J 4 ♠
  • Board: 8 ♦ 3   4 ♦ 2   7 ♣

Place Winner Name Prize
1st Place Vineet Kumar ₹9,63,000
2nd Place Vikram Kumar ₹5,82,000
3rd Place Deepak Agarwal ₹3,62,000
4th Place Jagdeep Singh ₹2,54,000
5th Place Milena Mezhuieva ₹1,86,300
6th Place Sumukh Karegowda ₹1,49,000
7th Place Gagandeep Malik ₹1,24,000
8th Place Mandar Darade ₹1,04,500
9th Place Siddharth Ranshevre ₹96,000
10th place Sanjeev Mohanty ₹89,500
11th place Suresh O ₹83,500

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