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MegaStack Closer WPT Prime India 2023 Live Updates

Ritik Khanna Wins The MegaStacks Closer Title

Ritik Khanna

Ritik Khanna has added a WPT title to his name after taking down the WPT Prime India 2023 MegaStacks Closer title for a ₹9,91,700. Harshad Barve open shoved to 225K with A 9 . Khanna from the big blinds called with Q 7 . The board brought 4 Q 6 T 2 giving Khanna his winning Q-pair. Barve, who entered the FT as the chip leader, took the runner-up spot for ₹6,50,000. 

  • Khanna: Q 7
  • Barve: A 9
  • Board: 4 Q 6 T 2

Karan Malhotra And Yuvraj Singh Out At 7th And 6th

Karan Malhotra and Yuvraj Singh have exited the tournament at the seventh and sixth position respectively. Malhotra was busted by Ayush Aggarwal at seventh place for ₹1,30,000. Just a few moments later, Singh’s tournament life was brought to an end by chip leader Harshad Barve. Singh pocketed ₹1,50,000. 

MegaStacks Closer Gets Its Final Tablists

The WPT Prime India 2023 MegaStacks Closer is down to the final seven on the final tablist. Harshad Barve is leading the table with 25.40K chips at his disposal. 

Name of player Chip count
Harshad Barve 2,540,000
Siddharth Jain 690,000
Aayush Aggarwal 570,000
Ritik Khanna 375,000
Yuvraj Singh 340,000
Prajit Gambhir 220,000
Karan Malhotra 215,000

Ritik And Vaibhav Survive But Vikaash Exits!

Level 19, Blinds: 6K/12K, Ante 12K

Ritik Khanna (K T ), Vaibhav Sharma (Q Q ) and Vikaash Shah (J 9 ) locked horns in a hand which had Khanna on auto all-in with 6.5K. The dealer fanned out a board of T K 6 J 3 . Shah’s Jack-pair drowned while their rivals made it safely.

  • Khanna: K T
  • Shah: J 9
  • Sharma: Q Q
  • Board: T K 6 J 3

Anish Dedhia Eliminated

Anish Dedhia was eliminated in a three-way pot with Harshad Barve and Jitesh. From the button, Jitesh shoved all-in holding Fish Hooks. Barve called with A3s and Dedhia made an all-in call with A   Q . The board brought 9 7 2 3 T , and Jitesh tripled up. Barve won the side pot, and Dedhia walked away dejected. 

  • Anish Dedhia: A   Q
  • Jitesh: J J
  • Harshad Barve: A 3
  • Board: 9 7 2 3 T

What A Bustling Day At WPT Prime India 2023!

Deltin floor

It’s a busy and bustling day here at the WPT Prime India 2023 aboard the Deltin Royale poker room with five events taking place at the same time. The events that are currently happening are MegaStack Closer, 50K 8 Max and Turbo Closer, as well as two final tables namely High Roller and Big Bounty NLH. 

The action is in full swing, and the players are excited. A big shoutout to the organisers and Tournament Directors, who are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that everything functions smoothly. 

Megastack Closer Payouts To Be Announced Soon!

Level 11 is underway at the WPT Prime India 2023 Megastack Closer tournament and the registration clock ended with a total of 164 entries in this tournament. Vaibhav Sharma, Dhaval Mudgal, Muskan Sethi, Dr. Yuvraj Singh, and others are seen on tables close to us, while Sameer Agarwal and Aditya Sushant are some of the latest players we saw leaving the tournament floor.

Currently, 77 players are still in the mix and the payouts and prize pool will be announced soon…

Kashish Sachdeva vs Madhav Shetty Is Brutal!

Level 7, Blinds 400/800, Ante 800

Madhav Shetty (7 7 ) from the cutoff goes all-in with 10.5K. Kashish Sachdeva (A Q ) from the big blind position makes the call. The dealer fans out a board of 2 6 8 A T . These community cards gave Sachdeva Ace-pair while his rival’s pocket sevens were rendered useless.

  • Sachdeva: A Q
  • Shetty: 7 7
  • Board: 2 6 8 A T

Raju Rajpopat vs Karan Malhotra Ends In An Elimination!

Level 7, Blinds 400/800, Ante 800

After some raising and calling preflop, the flop of 3 4 7 , Karan Malhotra checked while his rival decided to go all-in with 27.1K. Malhotra calls and the board reveals the turn and river as A 5 . While our reporters couldn’t catch the information on the players’ hole cards, Malhotra survives this all-in hand and progresses ahead in the Megastack Closer event and Raju Rajpopat leaves the game after busting.

  • Malhotra: A 3
  • Rajpopat: A Q
  • Board: 3 4 7 A 5

Notables In The Field

The Megastacks Closer event is joined by some notables such as Shuchi Chamaria, Muskan Sethi, Goojan Mall, Sameer Agarwal, Yuvraj Singh, Siddarth Singhvi, Anand Pallikona and others. So far 81 players have registered for this event. The registrations are open for five more levels at this ₹25,000 buy-in event.

WPT Prime India 2023 Megastack Closer Kick-Starts

The 12th event on the WPT Prime India 2023 schedule – the Megastack Closer 7 max has just begun at the Deltin Royale casino in Goa. The event is a one-day event, which is taking place on 18th April 2023 at 1.30 PM, with only one re-entry allowed.

The event has a buy-in of ₹25,000, for which the players will get a starting stack of 30,000. The day will start at Level 1 with blinds 100/200. Each level will last for 20 minutes. The registrations will end at the start of Level 9. We will be updating you with all the latest happenings so stay tuned!

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Place Winner Name Prize
1st place Ritik Khanna ₹9,91,700
2nd place Harshad Barve ₹6,50,000
3rd place Prajit Ghambir ₹3,82,400
4th place Aayush Aggarwal ₹2,33,000
5th place Siddharth Jain ₹1,80,000
6th place Yuvraj Singh ₹1,50,000
7th place Karan Malhotra ₹1,30,000
8th place Vaibhav Sharma ₹1,13,800
9th place Amrit Mishra ₹99,100
10th place Jasven Saigal ₹85,800
11th place Mohak Kapoor ₹85,800
12th place Jaydeepsinh Vaghela ₹85,800
13th place Vineet Kumar ₹72,700
14th place Siddharth Ranshevre ₹72,700
15th place Jitesh Jain ₹72,700
16th place Ankit Wadhawan ₹60,000
17th place Shravan Chhabria ₹60,000
18th place Pratik Kumar ₹60,000
19th place Arshdeep Singh ₹48,500
20th place Vikaash Shah ₹48,500
21st place Boneni Yadav ₹48,500
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