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50K 8 Max WPT Prime India 2023 Live Updates

Samay Singh Modi Wins 50K 8 Max

Level 28, Blinds 50K/100K, Ante 100K

Samay Singh Modi wins 50K

The very handsome Samay Singh Modi has shipped the coveted WPT Prime India 2023 50K 8 Max event. After going through a tough grind in the tourney, Modi emerged victorious. Let’s take a look at his winning hand against heads-up rival Siddharth Jolly

Modi played with pocket eights and his opponent Siddharth Jolly sat with A J . Jolly went all-in with 24.8 Lakh chips and Modi made the call, keeping faith in his Snowmen. The dealer fanned out a board of K 5 Q 6 3 . This gave Modi won the 50K 8 Max with his pocket eights for ₹14,27,000; Jolly finished second for a sum of ₹9,45,000. 

  • Modi: 8 8
  • Jolly: A J
  • Board: K 5 Q 6 3

Heads-Up Begins With Samay Singh Modi And Siddharth Jolly 

After all the bust outs and double ups, it was time for a heads-up clash between The Player Hunt Season 2 winner, Samay Singh Modi and Siddharth Jolly in the 50K 8 Max event. Modi has been seen as the winner in many online tourneys and now it was time he conquered the live poker felts and he did like a boss. Jolly has been playing some good poker in this coveted series and we were not surprised when he made the final table and eventually featured as the heads-up rival to the very suave-looking Modi.

Samay Sails, Priya Drowns!

Level 27, Blinds: 40K/80K, Ante 80K

In a bust out hand, one player safely sails through and the other one has to leave the game. In this particular hand, Priya Agarwal locked horns with The Player Hunt Season 2 winner, Samay Singh Modi. Agarwal had K Q ; our reporters couldn’t capture Modi’s hole cards, the board of J J 5 T 2x gave Modi a win in this hand and led to Agarwal’s exit from the tourney.

  • Modi: Xx Xx
  • Agarwal: K Q
  • Board: J J 5 T 2x

Priya Agarwal Knocks Out Kartik And Shivam!

Level 26, Blinds 30K/60K, Ante 60K

In a hand that has Kartik Ved being knocked out by Priya Agarwal and that’s not the only bust out in that hand, it needs super attention. Shivam Khanna (Kh Qs ) went all-in from the cutoff with 430K. Agarwal calls from the big blind holding Ah Jd . From the big blind position Kartik Ved (Ts Td ) goes all-in with 870K. The dealer fans out a board of 4d Jc 5c Ad 8s . This gave Agarwal two pairs (AA, JJ); as for Ved and Khanna it was game over at 5th and 6th positions for ₹3,50,000 and ₹2,65,000.

  • Khanna: Kh Qs
  • Ved: Ts Td
  • Agarwal: Ah Jd
  • Board: 4d Jc 5c Ad 8s


Armaan Kochhar Bows Out At The 8th Place

Armaan Kochhar, who entered the FT with the highest stack has bowed out the eighth place. His A J succumbed to Priya Agarwal‘s K Q on the 5 5 Q 7 2 . Kochhar walked away at the eighth place taking home a bag of ₹1,70,000.

  • Kochhar: A J
  • Agarwal: K Q  
  • Board: 5 5 Q 7 2

Armaan Kochhar Leading The FT

50K FTThe final table of the 50K 8 Max is set with the top nine seated. Leading the pack of the final nine is Armaan Kochhar with a stack of 1.70 Million. Followed by Shravan Singh with 1.05 Million. 







  1. Armaan Kochhar – 1,710,000
  2. Shravan Singh – 1,005,000
  3. Siddharth Jolly – 945,000
  4. Samay Singh Modi – 770,000
  5. Shivam Khanna – 515,000
  6. Kartik Ved – 380,000
  7. Priya Agarwal – 375,000
  8. Pradip Ghosh – 333,000
  9. Abhijeet Shetty – 170,000

Abhijeet Shetty Takes The Ninth Spot

Abhijeet Shetty‘s A 4 succumbed to Siddharth Jolly‘s A J on the Q 5 3 9 Q board. Shetty was the first casualty on the FT who took home ₹1,40,000 for his finish.

  • Shetty: A 4  
  • Jolly:A J
  • Board: Q 5 3 9 Q

Vishal Bajaj Bubbles The FT

Vishal Bajaj has bubbled the FT of the 50K 8 Max event. He lost against Shravan Singh, who sent Bajaj away at the 10th place just short of the FT with a pay cheque of ₹1,40,000.

Siddharth Survives, Abhimanyu Leaves!

Level: 22, Blinds: 15K/25K, Ante 25K

The 50K 8 Max tourney saw Abhimanyu Mittal locking horns with Siddharth Jolly in a hand that led to an elimination. Keep reading further to know more. Mittal goes all-in from the hijack holding K Q ; Jolly calls from the button with 8 8 . The board ran out as: 2 8 7 T 3 . These cards gave a set to Jolly with his pocket eights and sadly for his rival Mittal it was game over at the 11th position for ₹1,23,000. 

  • Jolly: 8 8
  • Mittal: K Q
  • Board: 2 8 7 T 3

Take A Look At Recent Eliminations!

Now that we know 18 players will be paid in this much-awaited 50K 8 Max tourney at the WPT Prime India 2023, let us take a look at the recent eliminations at this event. 

  • 12th – Arun Sriram – ₹1,23,000
  • 13th – Rohan Gupta – ₹56,500
  • 14th – Ayush Garg – ₹1,10,000
  • 15th – Adwait Pol – ₹1,01,000
  • 16th – Binit Saraf – ₹1,01,000
  • 17th – Gautam Sachdeva – ₹47,000
  • 18th – Anshul Bagai – ₹96,000

Freezeout Winner Adithya NG Bubbles The Event

WPT Prime India 2023 50K Freezeout winner Adithya NG has become the unfortunate bubble boy by walking away at the 19th place from the 50K 8 Max event. It was a three-way all-in pot with Adithya, Priya Agarwal and Advait Pol putting their tournament life at stake. Finally Adithya’s 59s fell short against Pol’s AKo on the 3 T 7 7 K . Agarwal with her queens survived thanks to her higher stack.

  • Pol: A K
  • Agarwal: Q Q
  • Adithya: 5 9
  • Board: 3 T 7 7 K

What A Bustling Day At WPT Prime India 2023!

Deltin floor

It’s a busy and bustling day here at the WPT Prime India 2023 aboard the Deltin Royale poker room with five events taking place at the same time. The events that are currently happening are MegaStack Closer, 50K 8 Max and Turbo Closer, as well as two final tables namely High Roller and Big Bounty NLH. 

The action is in full swing, and the players are excited. A big shoutout to the organisers and Tournament Directors, who are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that everything functions smoothly. 

Modi Shows Sharma The Exit Route

Level 14, Blinds: 2K/4K, Ante 4K

Player Hunt Season 2 winner Samay Singh Modi locked horns with Rahul Sharma. Modi opened with 8.5K from the cutoff position holding Dimes. Sharma goes all-in with A Q . The board ran out T 5 T 9 Q . Modi hit quads on the flop which his rival couldn’t beat and sadly had to exit the game after busting.

  • Modi: T T  
  • Sharma: A Q
  • Board: T 5 T 9 Q

52 Players Left In The Field

There are about 52 players left in the field. The event welcomed a total of 124 entries generating a final prize pool of ₹56,42,0000. The 52 players are battling it out for the top prize of ₹14,27,000. 

Myron vs Goonjan Turns Fatal!

Level 13, Blinds: 1,500/3,000, Ante 3,000

One of the most popular names in the India poker circuit, Goonjan Mall has been eliminated from the 50K 8-Max event. Who did he lock horns with? Mall (3c 2c ) went into a battle with online reg Myron Pereira. From under the gun Mall went all-in with 20.5K and Pereira called with pocket kings. The community cards read 8c 2s Jh 7h Ah . This gave Mall bottom pair which wasn’t good enough as his rival was sitting with Cowboys.

  • Mall: 3c 2c
  • Pereira: Kc Kd
  • Board: 8c 2s Jh 7h Ah

Payouts Announced

The payouts for the 50K 8 Max event have been announced. The top 18 places will be paid out of the 124 entries. The minimum that these players take home is ₹96,000. The player who tops the event will walk away with ₹14,27,000.

Check out the payouts:

  • 1st – ₹14,27,000
  • 2nd – ₹9,45,000
  • 3rd – ₹6,60,000
  • 4th – ₹4,75,000
  • 5th – ₹3,50,000
  • 6th – ₹2,65,000
  • 7th – ₹2,10,000
  • 8th – ₹1,70,000
  • 9th and 10th – ₹1,40,000
  • 11th and 12th – ₹1,23,000
  • 13th and 14th – ₹1,10,000
  • 15th and 16th – ₹1,01,000
  • 17th and 18th – ₹96,000

Welcome To Day 2 Of The 50K 8 Max Event!

We are back here at Deltin Royale for Day 2 of the much awaited WPT Prime India 2023 50K 8 Max tournament. This event which kick-started on 17th April 2023 at 6 PM will resume its Day 2 in a short bit. At the end of Day 1 we had 48 survivors who battled very hard and found a bag for Day 2 which resumes at 1 PM. Late registrations will shut at the start of Level 12 which will kick-in at 1:45 PM. Names like Zarvan Tumboli, Arjanveer Singh Chadha, Goonjan Mall, Vivek Singh, Kanchan Sharma, Aditya Sushant, Kartik Ved, Siddhanth Kripalani among others will be seen on Day 2.

Siddharth Jolly Leading The 48 Players At The End Of Day 1

Day 1 of the 50K 8-Max has concluded with Siddharth Jolly leading the 48 survivors. These 48 players will now play Day 2 tomorrow at 1 PM and will be joined by more players who register on Day 2. The registrations will remain open for the first 45 minutes of Day 2. Among those who have progressed are notable names like Aditya Sushant, Kanchan Sharma, Zarvan Tumboli, Goonjan Mall, Arjanveer Singh Chadha, Vivek Singh, Siddhanth Kripalani, Kartik Ved, Laksh Pal Singh and others. 

At the end of Day 1, here are some of the top stacks:

Name of Player Chip counts
Siddharth Arya Jolly 255,800
Yasheel Doddanavar 221,000
Faiz Alam 211,400
Sam Anand 199,000
Siddarth Singhvi 176,200
Priya Agarwal 167,800
Zarvan Tumboli 149,000
Akshat Sharma 142,500
Shivam Khanna 141,800
Abhijeet Shetty 140,900

Day 1 Comes To An End

WPT Prime India 2023 High Roller

Day 1 of the 50K 8-Max event has concluded with a total 88 entries. The play has been paused after the end of Level 10. Players will now return tomorrow at 1 PM to play Day 2 which will resume at Level 11. We can expect more players to join the event and the registrations for this event are still on and will remain open till the start of Level 12 tomorrow. We will soon update you with the top stacks of the day, so stay tuned.

84 Players In The 50K 8-Max Event

The 50K 8-Max field has a total of 84 players currently registered for the event. Some of the notable names seen in the field are Goonjan Mall, Laksh Pal Singh, Dhinesh Kumar, Kunal Patni, and Zarvan Tumboli, among others. 

Welcome To WPT Prime India 2023 50K 8-Max

The WPT Prime India 2023 50K 8 Max has recently begun here aboard the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. The two-day event started at 6 PM on 17th April 2023. Day 2 will resume tomorrow, 18th April 2023 at 1 PM.

As the name suggests this side event has a buy-in of ₹50,000 for which the players get a starting stack of  50,000 chips. Day 1 will play until 10 levels lasting 30 minutes each. Day 2 will resume at Level 11 and will have 40-minute levels each. Late registrations will stay open till the start of Level 12 on Day 2, which is approximately till 1.45 PM.

Place Winner Name Prize
1st place ₹14,27,000
2nd place ₹9,45,000
3rd place ₹6,60,000
4th place Shravan Kumar Singh ₹4,75,000
5th place Kartik Ved ₹3,50,000
6th place Shivam Khanna ₹2,65,000
7th place Pradip Ghosh ₹2,10,000
8th place Armaan Kochhar ₹1,70,000
9th place Abhijeet Shetty ₹1,40,000
10th place Vishal Bajaj ₹1,40,000
11th place Abhimanyu Mittal ₹1,23,000
12th place Arun Sriram ₹1,23,000
13th place Areyann Gurbaxani ₹1,10,000
14th place Ayush Garg ₹1,10,000
15th place Adwait Pol ₹1,01,000
16th place Binit Saraf ₹1,01,000
17th place Akshat Sharma ₹96,000
18th place Anshul Bagai ₹96,000

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