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APT Hanoi Billions 2023

Asian Poker Tour - APT Hanoi Billion 2023 - Super High Roller - Live Updates

Japan’s Nozomu Shimizu Is The SHR Winner

APT Hanoi Billions 2023 - Super High Roller - Nozomu Shimizu

After a long battle on Day 2 of the APT Hanoi Billions 2023  Super High Roller Day, Japanese poker player Nozomu Shimizu has shipped the title for a payday of VND 3,940,430,000 (~$162,225). Hong Kong’s Hon Cheong Lee ended his journey in the SHR tournament as the runner-up for VND 2,669,280,000. 


Will Hon Cheong Lee Keep His Lead?

Hong Kong’s Hon Cheong Lee was the chip lead at the end of Day 1. All eyes will be on Lee to see if he keeps the pressure on or succumbs to competition. 

This much awaited event generated a final prize pool of VND 16,947,840,000 (~$697,750). And top 23 players will be paid. The winner will receive a pay cheque of VND 3,940,430,000 (~$162,225) from the magnificent prize pool.

Japanese player Nozomu Shimizu had a good run on Day 1 and will look to continue the same on Day 2 as well. He had a runner-up finish at APT Incheon 2023 Super High Roller and will definitely hope to lock the trophy in his name in the current tournament. 

Welcome To Super High Roller Day 2 

APT Hanoi Billions 2023 - Super High Roller

Today the game will play down to a winner. The highly anticipated event from the APT Hanoi Billions 2023 schedule had 156 total entries with 115 unique entries. The competitive player field generated a final prize pool of VND 16,947,840,000 (~$697,750) prize pool. The top prize is worth VND 3,940,430,000 and players will get into a slugfest to grab it. How intense will Day 2 be? We say super intense. Stay tuned for more updates. 

APT SHR: Abhinav Iyer Among 30 Survivors to Day 2

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: Super High Roller - Abhinav Iyer

It’s not for nothing that Abhinav Iyer is considered as one of the best tournament poker players in the country. He was struggling with a lower stack few hours before the close of play but he made a fair recovery to take 1,595,000 chips to Day 2 of the APT Super High Roller. The tournament saw a record field of 156 entries and at the end of the day, 30 of them will bag and tag, and return on Day 2 at the National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Many Indians were participating in the APT National Cup but Iyer jumped in here with Akshay Nasa, Gaurav Sood, Vishal Ojha, and Ashish Munot. And at the end of the day, he’s the sole Indian in contention, currently among the top 10 stacks as well. Leading the pack is Hong Kong’s Hon Cheong Lee who has 4,125,000 chips and we’re seven spot away from the money, as the top 23 places will be paid when players return for the APT SHR Day 2 tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates from Gutshot Magazine on Day 2…

SHR Day 1: Big, Big Lead For Lee

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: Super High Roller - SHR Day 1: Big, Big Lead For Lee

With over $1.5 million in lifetime live tournament cashes, Hong Kong’s Hon Cheong Lee is taking a massive, massive chip lead. He’s absolutely destroying everyone who comes in his way and has chipped up to 3.4 million in chips. No one is even close to his stack as of now, most recently rivering a straight with KJo, to knock out another player from contention, the latter going all-in with 350k chips on the river. 

Tournament status: 33/156 players remaining | 23 players to be paid out | Level: 15

Indian player status: Gaurav Sood and Ashish Munot OUT | Abhinav Iyer now the only Indian in the field. 

Indians Remaining in The Field

Earlier in the day, we reported about Vishal Ojha chipping up and being among the top stacks early on. However, he busted out later in the day and following a while after him was Akshay Nasa. The only other Indians still seated on the tables at the APT Super High Roller in Hanoi are – Abhinav Iyer, Ashish Munot, and Gaurav Sood. We already know that Iyer and Munot have a great record at SHR tournaments, while Sood is someone who will be looking to get a win and secure his first major overseas trophy. 

Tournament update: 56/156 players | 23 get paid out.  

APT Super High Roller Final Count – 156 Entries

Breaking all records, the APT Super High Roller finishes late registration after the end of Level 10, and the final count stands at a whopping 156 entries. Remember, all of these entries coughed up the whopping VND 120 million buy-in to participate, and all of them will be eyeing the top prizes now. Currently, 81 players are still left in the field and 23 of them will be paid out, with the minimum cash being VND 196,590,000 and the attractive top prize being VND 3,940,430,000, which is almost equal to the original tournament guarantee of VND 4 Billion. 

What a success, the APT Super High Roller has turned out to be!

Natural8 Ambassadors in The House

The APT Hanoi Billions 2023 is presented by Natural8 and there are quite a few Natural8 Team Hot (ambassadors) members in the running in the Super High Roller as well. All of Punnat Punsri, Kannapong Thanarattrakul and Phachara Wongwichit are playing the Super High Roller, and they are the top three live tournament poker players from Thailand, all having multiple APT titles to their name over the years as well. 

130+ Entries; More Indians Enter the Super High Roller

The entries keep coming in the APT Super High Roller, now officially at 133 entries, as we enter Level 8 of the tournament. Remember, late registration is open until the end of Level 10, which means just about 1:25 hours to go if you want to grab a seat into this VND 120,000,000 buy-in tournament. Among the Indian contingent, two more names to have emerged on the floor include Akshay Nasa and Ashish Munot, who are pretty popular names in the live poker circuit in the country. 

Recently, Nasa hit a set of threes to win a big pot against Gakuto ‘GACKT’ Oshiro, zooming up to 330,000 in chips. Currently, it’s Blinds 2000-5000, 5000 ante in Level 8. 

Yuzhu Wang Breaches 1-Million

China’s Yuzhu Wang becomes the first player to cross the 1-million mark in terms of chips, as we move on to Level 7 of the APT Super High Roller in the APT Hanoi Billions 2023 series. He currently sits on a stack of 1,100,000 chips as the APT Super High Roller breaks its all-time record, beating 117 entries of APT Taipei Super High Roller earlier this year.

Current tournament status: 118 entries | 92 still in play | 2 hours left in late registration 

APT Records Breaking in Vietnam

The Asian Poker Tour has been in business for more than a decade but records still keep tumbling every day. Here at the APT Hanoi Billions 2023, the APT Super High Roller is setting records. When the tournament reached 72 entries, it became a new record for an APT Super High Roller in the country of Vietnam. 

A while later, the entry count hit 107 entries (92 still in play) with a couple of hours of late registration still open. The all-time APT Super High Roller record is 117 entries which was achieved in Taipei earlier in 2023 itself. More records likely to be surpassed in this tournament, and it’s still early days in the APT Hanoi Billions 2023 series. 

Vishal Ojha Keeps Chipping Up

One of our Indian players in the mix, Vishal Ojha, continues to chip up in the APT Super High Roller, after he recently won a pot from Jason Wong, the former defending his big blind in Level 5 of the tournament. At the break, Ojha had a little over 500k in chips but after this hand, he’s gone up to 680k and is among the top 5 chip stacks in the room right now. A good start for him for sure!

Biggest stacks in Level 5 of the APT Super High Roller:

  1. Yuzhu Wang – 790,000 chips
  2. He Yao Yu – 690,000 chips
  3. Vishal Ojha – 680,000 chips
  4. John Tech – 570,000 chips
  5. John Perry – 565,000 chips

Side Events Cancelled For APT Super High Roller

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: Important AnnouncementWe always love a packed house and the APT Super High Roller in Hanoi has attracted a great field so far. So much, that some side events had to be cancelled in order to accommodate the ongoing Super High Roller and the Mystery Bounty Hunter. “Please note that Saturday’s Events #11-15 have been cancelled to widen the capacity for the Mystery Bounty Hunter and APT Super High Roller events. #APTHanoiBillions2023” said the official Asian Poker Tour handle on Twitter, late last night. 

If you want regular updates of what’s happening in the series, watch this space for Gutshot’s live reporting, as well as follow APT on Twitter (X) and other social media handles. 

Vishal Ojha 2x Stack At The First Break

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: Super High Roller - Vishal Ojha Takes His Seat

As per the APT Super High Roller tournament structure, the first break was scheduled after 4 levels of 40 minutes each. When we last checked, we had three Indians in the field including Abhinav Iyer, Gaurav Sood, and Vishal Ojha. Ojha took to his social media to let us know that he’s walking into the first break with a massive stack of more than 2x of the starting stack of 250,000, so approximately 500,000+ in chips. 

Overall, Chen Jung Liu leads the field going into the first break of 15 minutes, with a stack of 640k. Remember, late registration is open until the end of Level 10!

Tournament update: Total entries currently stands at 71, with the number of active players in the field being 62 right now. Current blinds level: 1,000-2,500, 2,500 ante, starting in Level 5 after the break. 

Indian Notables in The Field…

The tournament with a VND 120,000,000 buy-in has so far seen as many as 59 entries and there’s just under 6 hours left for players to register and jump into the action. Among the Indian players to have found a seat at the tables at the National Convention Center in Hanoi are Abhinav Iyer, Vishal Ojha, and Gaurav Sood. We have a few more Indians in Vietnam right now, who are likely to jump into the action as well soon. 

Simultaneously, Day 2 of the APT National Cup is also taking place where as many as 7 Indians are still in the mix, in the money among the final 106 survivors!

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: It’s The Super High Roller!

APT Hanoi Billions 2023: It's The Super High Roller!

Welcome to Gutshot Magazine’s coverage of the APT Hanoi Billions 2023 and in particular, we’re talking about Event #10: APT Super High Roller – 8 Max, which is a 2-day event. You’ll always find the cream of the crop participating in these high buy-in events, both from the Indian poker community as well as from other countries around Asia. This event has a buy-in of VND 120 million, which is approximately around $4,933, but the returns are massive as players will get to share from a whopping VND 4 billion guaranteed prize pool.

The tournament kicks off at 1:15 pm local time (11:45 am IST), taking place at the National Convention Center (NCC) in Vietnam’s Hanoi. The series runs between 1-10 Dec 2023 and this is one of the flagship tournaments on the series schedule. Registration will continue till 8:40 pm local time, which is more than 7 hours since play begins, wherein the levels are of 40 minutes each and each player will receive a starting stack of 250,000 to begin with!

Image courtesy: Asian Poker Tour


Place Winner Name Prize
1 Nozomu Shimizu VND 3,940,430,000
2 Hon Cheong Lee VND 2,669,280,000
3 Taago Tamm VND 1,779,520,000
4 Anthony Cierco VND 1,457,510,000
5 SONG XUE VND 1,169,400,000
6 Jingxuan Zhu VND 906,710,000
7 SEUNGHUN KO VND 671,130,000
8 Nguyen Anh Minh VND 493,180,000
9 Vincent Yueshen Huang VND 393,190,000
10 ZIKANG WANG VND 330,480,000
11 Trung Ha Nguyen VND 330,480,000
12 Martijn Johannes Gerrits VND 288,110,000
13 JITRADA BOONNAK VND 288,110,000
14 ZHIYUAN XU VND 262,690,000
15 Ting-Yi Tsai VND 262,690,000
16 TIANHAO ZHENG VND 237,270,000
17 Jun Hao Wu VND 237,270,000
18 Xiaosheng Zheng VND 213,540,000
19 ANDY XUEYAN LI VND 213,540,000
20 Chi-Jen Chu VND 213,540,000
21 Julian-Andrew Warhurst VND 196,590,000
22 Kokwai Sim VND 196,590,000
23 YUZHU WANG VND 196,590,000

Natural8 India

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