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Poker myths you need to get out of your head, now! Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 27 Aug, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 27 Aug, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 27 Aug, 2018

Poker myths you need to get out of your head, now!

Since ages, Poker has been played with conviction and what entails is a list of popular stories around the game fabricated by individual experiences and carried mostly by the people who actually lack the original knowledge and first hand trial of the game. Here, in this article today we aim to further better knowledge in Poker so you can make the best out of your next game and earn as much as you practice the preached.

Poker, being the most popular among all the card games is unarguably the most talked about game as well and everything that has ever been talked about comes with its set of facts and faffs. While it is easy to shrug the popular beliefs, it is as important to get the idea of Poker clear in the mind before making speculations on the basis of what the masses have to say; hence, Gutshot being the most trusted brand in Poker education is here to help you understand the game better by differentiating the facts from the faffs.

Poker is a game of luck– Poker is not a game of luck! Period. Poker in fact is a game highly proportionate to a person’s intellect and his dependency on his skills to play his bet. Agreeing to the fact that Poker works in the favour of the people who have stronger gut instincts and rely on them in the longer run, it only follows the suggestion that practicing the game on a regular basis will lead to success in the game.

Men are better players than woman– Poker does not discriminate on the basis of gender as a game, in fact there are instances where women have went ahead beating men in the game. Not denying the fact the male mass is more inclined towards Poker, we would like to clear the air that women are as potent as men in the game.

Poker is all cheating– Bluffing sure is an important tactic to play the game effectively and eventually winning it considering all the other factors in line, it is also important to remember that Poker is purely depended on your strategies and cheating will always be an illicit practice like any other game played on various levels at different places.

Best players always win– Among the most popular myths about Poker is the myth that if the players who have a winning history are unbeatable, which in reality is as false as the myth that Online Poker is better that the Offline Poker. Experience is a sure shot way to efficiency but experience solely doesn’t define the flow of the game.

Poker demands you to be a Math wizard– Math is not a prerequisite to playing Poker but playing Poker does help you sharpen your mathematics skill. It’s a misconception that you are required to be a maths genius to calculate the numbers faster than your opponents, in reality, all that you are required to calculate wisely are the risks and returns on the basis of the given situation.

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