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Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 12 Feb, 2023
By Gutshot Editorial
On 12 Feb, 2023
By Gutshot Editorial
On 12 Feb, 2023

PGT Mixed Games: Jason Mercier Beats Dan Zack To Ship Event 7

Jason Mercier only played one event during the first-ever PGT Mixed Games, but he definitely made it count by winning the biggest event of the series. Mercier topped the field in Event #7: $25,500 10-Game Championship and took home $367,500 after a heads-up deal with Dan Zack.

“This tournament was so much fun to play,” Mercier said. “It was my first time in the PokerGO Studio. I felt good playing. I played cash for two days before coming here, so I felt like my mixed games were oiled up and ready to go. I played well. I was never all in except for one time in no-limit deuce where I had the guy dead. That was the only time I was all in and at risk during the whole tournament, so I feel like I played really well, ran well, and am super happy to get the W and nice payday.”

The two-day event drew 57 entries and generated a prize pool of $1,425,000. Entering the second day, Zack was the chip leader, and Mercier was third, but there wasn’t much of a gap between their two stacks. Mercier and Zack reached heads-up play after Zack busted David “ODB” Baker in third. After Baker went out, Mercier and Zack agreed to a deal that saw first take $367,500 and second take $345,000. The two did a series of pot-limit Omaha flips after the deal to see who won the trophy, and it was Mercier coming out on top.

PGT Mixed Games Event #7 Final Table Payouts

1st: Jason Mercier – $367,500*

2nd: Dan Zack – $345,000*

3rd:  David “ODB” Baker – $199,500

4th:  Maxx Coleman – $142,500

5th:  Jeremy Ausmus – $114,000

6th:  Daniel Negreanu – $85,500

7th:  Andrew Kelsall – $71,250

8th:  Nacho Barbero – $57,000

9th:  Mike Wattel – $42,750

*Deal was made.

PGT Mixed Games Series Leaderboard 

1st: Dan Zack – 352 points

2nd: John Monnette – 316 points

3rd: Nick Guagenti – 290 points

4th: David “ODB” Baker – 268 points

5th: Jason Mercier – 257 points

6th: Ben Lamb – 256 points

7th: Maxx Coleman – 224 points

8th: Shaun Deeb – 209 points

9th: Scott Abrams – 189 points

10th: Eli Elezra – 180 points

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There are two PGT Mixed Games events left to play out. Event #7: $5,300 NL 2-7 Single Draw will be wrapping up, and Ben Lamb and Maxx Coleman still have to return to finish the heads-up match that will determine the winner of Event #4: $10,300 Big Bet Mix.

What Are the PGT Mixed Games?

PGT Mixed Games is a brand new series as part of the PokerGO Tour. The series features eight mixed-games tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $5,300 to $25,500. PGT Mixed Games is part of the PokerGO Tour (PGT), with players eligible to earn PGT leaderboard points for finishing in the money in events.

There is a PGT Mixed Games series leaderboard that ranks the players by points earned. The player to finish with the most points and top the leaderboard through all eight events will be crowned the first-ever PGT Mixed Games champion and win the series’ $25,000 championship bonus.

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