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Pay NOTHING And Win From 10K On PokerHigh Poker
Kumar Shubham
Posted on 24 Feb, 2023
By Kumar Shubham
On 24 Feb, 2023
By Kumar Shubham
On 24 Feb, 2023

Pay NOTHING And Win From 10K On PokerHigh

Freerolls are essential for newbies in poker. What better bankroll boosters than a free-to-enter tournament? When any online poker platform hosts a freeroll, the goal is to offer players a chance to make money at zero cost. Be it a game or in reality, nothing is free, but freerolls are intended to be exceptional, with no buy-ins and only earnings.

PokerHigh has previously hosted numerous freerolls, and the Gutshot exclusive 10K freeroll is a continuation of this rewarding journey. The freeroll will begin at 5 PM on 26th February 2023, and players can participate by registering on the PokerHigh via Gutshot.

Advantages of participating in freerolls:

  • Allow players to win real money without having to pay any buy-ins.
  • Allows you to experiment with different gameplay styles without risk.
  • For newcomers they provide both real money and real-game experience.
  • Earnings from freerolls can be used to enter other tournaments.

Reasons for participating in freerolls

Initially, any poker player who is thinking about or has decided to enter the online poker space is concerned about losing investing their money. This makes them hesitant to explore the game of skill. To eliminate this fear of losing, online poker platforms including PokerHigh keeps on hosting regular freerolls where you can learn and earn cash rewards without having to invest a dime.

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Gutshot’s exclusive 10K freeroll

 As a Gutshot player, you get access to this exclusive 10K freeroll on PokerHigh. Freerolls can be played by any player, but by signing up as a Gutshot player, you also receive additional rewards, offers, and bonuses apart from access to the latest freeroll. So, sign-up on PokerHigh as a Gutshot player using the code ‘PHGUTSHOT’ and grab that 100% deposit bonus by using the code ‘GSFTD’ on your first deposit. What are you waiting for be the first player to claim your share of the prize money and more.

Anything more?

Yes, there is more. What? Big Bang qualifiers worth 25 Lakh GTD. PokerHigh’s has added Big Bang qualifiers to the much-awaited Final Table Series (FTS) into its tournament schedule. Sign up and play from 19th to 28th February 2023 at 9 PM with buy-ins starting at just ₹99. There are freerolls too which are scheduled for 26th February and 1st March 2023. Both these freerolls offer ₹27,500 and will take place at 7 PM.

For more news and updates, keep reading Gutshot Magazine. Follow us on our social handles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.PokerHigh’s OFC CASHFALL Offers Mega Rewards!

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