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Patrik Antonius Wins A Record Setting Pot In No Gamble, No Future Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 20 Feb, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Feb, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Feb, 2023

Patrik Antonius Wins A Record Setting Pot In No Gamble, No Future

Patrik Antonius, one of the most iconic high-stakes cash game players in poker, made history on Sunday when he won the largest pot ever broadcast on a U.S. poker live stream. On the third and final day of No Gamble, No Future’s “Cash of the Titans” game that was live-streamed on PokerGO, Antonius topped Eric Persson in a pot worth $1,978,000.

The record-setting hand took place from inside the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. At the time the hand aired on the PokerGO live stream of the game, it set a new record for the biggest live-streamed cash-game hand in the United States. Commentators Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks were on the call for the record-setting moment.

Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius on No Gamble, No Future

What the hell happened in the hand is something you need to watch to believe. Eric Persson turned into a calling train with Q9s and the former Tennis player turned poker pro had AKs. Now that’s a hand, Antonius will play aggressively, never mind his rivals. And in this case it was Persson who could give Phil Hellmuth a run for his money on trash talk. Preflop action saw Persson raise to 7K, Markus Gonsalves folded, Rob Yong called, Antonius 3-bet 30K and Markus Gonsalves folded. Persson wasn’t in the mood to let go and hence threw in 23K to match the bet, same for Yong. The dealer fanned out a flop of 3h 3c 8h and that saw Antonius bet 40K only to see Persson snap raises to 140K and Yong quickly folds.

Now, it was Antonius’ turn to make a splash with his move and he did by throwing in 250K. Like we mentioned above Persson turned into a rigorous calling train which is again seen when he matches the 250K bet. The turn is Ace of spades and that gave Antonius two pairs (AA, 33). At this moment the pot size was 594K and all eyes were on the two warring rivals. Antonius again leads with 150K and that’s when Persson drops the all-in bomb. Antonius quickly asks his rival, “How much do you have?” This is when we knew that the Finland-born pro was going to make that call and he did. The pot size is now at 19,78,000 and oh boy Persson was all set to be a big loser thanks to poker gods blessing Antonius with those cards.

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The Finnish poker pro with a net worth of approx. 18 Million won the record-setting hand in US live streamed cash game history. We are utterly impressed to say the least and hope to see this pro set many records in the coming time.

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