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League Of Legends On Calling Station Offers 1+ Crore In Prizes Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 20 Jan, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Jan, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Jan, 2022

League Of Legends On Calling Station Offers 1+ Crore In Prizes

Calling Station is one of the fast-growing online poker rooms in the country. This online poker platform is now offering an incredible promotion called League Of Legends. Calling Station’s latest promotion offers ₹1+ crore in prizes and more in just 14 days. This promotion runs from 17th to 30th January 2022.

What’s more?

Well, online poker players will also get a chance to grab ₹55K every eight hours. Yes, you read that right. Apart from the astonishing ₹1 crore worth prizes, players get a shot at boosting their bankrolls even further.  

How does this work?

The deal with the League Of Legends promotion is pretty simple. Top seven players, five leaderboards, ₹55K every eight hours, gadget leaderboard and the mega ₹1 crore worth prizes. Now that’s the definition of a bumper promotion, isn’t it? Sure is. So, if you wish to win some impressive prizes, just sign up on Calling Station

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Gadget Leaderboard Prizes

The player who grabs the top spot in this leaderboard will get a Mahindra XUV700 AX7 Diesel Luxury Pack as his/her prize. For this top prize a player needs to generate 3,100 leaderboard points (LBP). Similarly, any player who nails the number two position on the leaderboard will get a Kia Sonet GTX Plus Turbo DCT DT. For this prize a player will have to generate 2,300 LBP. 

There is more to this poker promotion. Take a look at the races offered in the League Of Legends promotion.

  • Molly’s Game VIP Race (100/200 & above) : Min VIP Point – 500 | Top 7 | ₹27K every 8 hours
  • Grand VIP Race (25/50 & 50/100) : Min VIP Point – 250 | Top 7 | ₹17.8K every 8 hours
  • Rounders VIP Race (5/10 & 10/20) : Min VIP Point – 100 | Top 7 | ₹7K every 8 hours
  • Maverick VIP Race (2/4 & 1/2) : Min VIP Point – 10 | Top 7 | ₹2K every 8 hours
  • Dealers VIP Race ( 0.5/1) : Min VIP Point – 5 | Top 7 | ₹1K every 8 hours
  • Maverick VIP Race, Main leaderboard worth ₹20K in 14 days | Top 10 share
  • Dealers VIP Race, Main leaderboard worth ₹5K in 14 days | Top 10 share

Remember the following terms:

  • Generate the minimum VIP points across any stake and be in the top seven spots to win the 8 hours LB
  • A player who successfully achieves the gadget milestone can claim a gadget of their choice.
  • You can claim unlimited gadgets and exclusive prizes depending on your LB points. This rule applies for the top five spots on the main gadget leaderboard.
  • Players can also fight for a separate 14-day main leaderboard worth ₹25K for the Maverick and Dealers category.
  • Any player who generates VIP points across 5/10 and above stakes will see those points being converted into LBP in the ratio of 50:1 for the main gadget leaderboard. 

Folks, we already know you are super impressed by the offerings of this promotion. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Calling Station with code ‘GUTSHT’ and get ₹100 FREE (50 instant and 50 locked). Register on Calling Station and get grinding.

Sign-up On Calling Station And Get 100 FREE


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