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Garrett Adelstein Calls Robbi Lew A Con Artist Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 29 Mar, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 29 Mar, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 29 Mar, 2023

Garrett Adelstein Calls Robbi Lew A Con Artist; Twitterati Calls Him A Fu*king Idiot

What goes around comes around—is an idiom that fits Garrett Adelstein’s situation perfectly. Why so? What has he done now? Let us tell you all about it. Doug Polk invited Garrett Adelstein to talk about the Nik Arcot aka ‘ Nik Airball’ drama that went down a very dirty drain hole. After heated exchanges on Twitter including the one where Mr. High Stakes Poker called Arcot a bad poker player and said, “Fuck that guy (Airball).” Poker Twitter did not take Adelstein’s post about Acrot lightly and threw in a lot of comments to make sure Adelstein does not get away with it. 

The quintessential investigator of all things wrong on planet Earth—Doug Polk did not waste any time when shit hit the roof between ‘Airball’ and Adelstein. Firstly, there was a lot of bad blood already thanks to the J4o hand and Arcot’s name was dragged in there too. With the latest controversy boiling light hot lava, Polk did not miss the chance and made videos (one with Arcot and one with Adelstein). 


The latest interview with Adelstein by Polk was meant to get the former’s point of view out, but the poker pro who goes by the handle of ‘Gman’ on Twitter called his old (new arch rival is ‘Airball’) arch nemesis Robbi Lew a ‘con artist’ for a reason only justified in Adelstein’s mind. 

Everyone had questions to ask and Adelstein hopefully had answers (nevermind how illogical they seem to people of sane minds). The poker universe wanted to know why the Manhattan Beach resident hasn’t returned Lew’s money which adds up to $135K. 


For the unversed, Adelstein accused Lew of cheating when his 8-high bluff bombed when the latter called with her J-high and then all hell broke loose. But now, it was high time when Adelstein answered the big question about him giving that $135K back to Lew since Hustler Casino Live’s independent investigation did not find any evidence of cheating or any other kind of wrongdoing. 

Nevermind the fact that Lew’s chips were stolen from the casino by one of the venue’s staff members—Bryan Sagbigsal and it was Lew who was robbed. The Upswing Poker founder threw that million dollar question at Adelstein about the money and the latter said he’s not giving back $135K to Lew, as he is sure that she cheated (without having any hard evidence).

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As sincere as Adelstein looked during the interview with the three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, people saw right through Adelstein’s Academy worthy acting and bullshit reasoning (what he spoke is called balderdash in the simplest terms). He added how would anyone feel if they got cheated by a con artist like Robbi Lew. 

In a bid to justify his statements, Adelstein went ahead and again stated how he believes that Lew was indeed cheating with proof that probably lies in the alternate dimension of Stranger Things. The world knows by now that no proof was found by either Hustler Casino Live, Adelstein himself, or even the lead investigator on Twitter—Polk. 


The bromance between Polk and Adelstein was in fact provided ample proof that both had only one goal in mind, get Lew the guilty verdict in the court of public opinion. And that failed miserably. Polk also tweeted in the recent past that he feels Lew’s cheating percentage now stands at 85-90% improved from 99%. Well, credit should be given where due, shouldn’t it be Polk? Not sure how the poker universe feels, but we were mighty impressed by Polk when he invited the J4o queen to grind in cash games at the Lodge Card Club, a poker room where Polk is a partner. Talk about pointing fingers at a cheating accused and then getting the same accused to bring the spotlight to your poker room for TRPs (opportunism at its best?). 

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What a royal clusterfuck the Garrett Adelstein-Robbi Lew cheating scandal became. Poker player cum streamer cum moral judge, Polk gave judgements out by the night. Adelstein still remains unfazed and looks more cocky than ever when it comes to his claims of Lew being a cheater. But how does a reputed poker pro with a squeaky clean image (before the J4o hand), took a hard right turn from his calm demeanour and decided on becoming a douchebag of the tallest order (not just in our eye but most who feel Lew should have got the money back since no evidence came to light)? 


We guess when Adelstein stayed away from poker games (streamed) and never appeared on any poker stream for any kind of interview except for the LA Times interview (which painted an impeccable picture of Adelstein that world renowned PR agencies took notes), the holy-as-fuck-facade he kept, came crashing down. Adelstein had a round two with Nik Airball (this one also became a shitstorm). And Doug did the same with Matt Berkey! One question comes to mind—what gives Doug and Garrett the confidence to take the moral high ground when it comes to ridiculing and defaming others who don’t fall in line for them? 

Poker Twitter Reacts:

Doug Polk Twitter

The three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner’s Twitter handle is a peek into his personality. Why so? Take one look and you will know how Polk feels about the poker fraternity, the happenings, scandals, hero calls and most importantly finding the truth when something goes wrong. The Upswing Poker founder feels deeply when it comes to revealing the truth or digging out proof to tell the world what lies beneath the surface. 

Polk did this when the Robbi Lew – Garrett Adelstein J4o hand scandal broke. He decided on doing some serious investigative work and released a video incriminating Lew of her alleged crime. Was Polk right? That’s a question readers and his followers on Twitter need to ask themselves and figure out an answer which is actually correct (something Polk should learn if he wants to play judge and jury). 

Apart from promoting Lodge Card Club, a poker room Polk is a partner at, Twitter users will also find, hand analysis, some revenge saga, some sob stories and a lot of tweets which prove that Polk loves meddling in other people’s business. Hey if you have a platform and call yourself a vlogger why not! Doug Polk Twitter is a mirror of his thoughts, a sure peek at his persona and a good lesson is how to use the microblogging site to your advantage.

Doug Polk Net Worth

Now, when it comes to net worth, it is not possible for anyone to skip this topic and dig into other things about this poker pro. The 34-year-old has a reported net worth of approximately $10 Million. The pro who is an active streamer ranks 124th on the All Time Money List (Hendon Mob). Polk’s total live earnings stand at $9,596,008. His best live cash grab came in the form of $3,686,865 when he shipped the High Roller for One Drop at the 48th World Series of Poker – WSOP 2017, Las Vegas. But playing poker is not the only source of Polk’s income; looking at his business ventures, one can be sure that the Texas resident wants more than just being known as a poker pro.

Doug Polk Hendon

Doug Polk’s Hendon Mob page is filled with data about his winnings, cashes, his rank in the All Time Money List, his total live earnings, best cash, his current ranking, popularity ranking and Texas All Time Money List rank. Polk’s Texas All Time Money List rank is third which is pretty impressive. When it comes to overall popularity ranking, Polk stands 30th, which is not surprising given the fact that he is all set to jump into any controversy there is to talk about or give a judgement on. Garrett Adelstein – Robbi Lew controversy, Matt Berkey – Nik Airball drama and his frenemy Daniel Negreanu, there is so much Polk is known for. Doug Polk Hendon will tell you that the last tournament he’s played was in 2022 at the Lodge Championship wherein he finished 4th in Main Event (Event #13) for a prize money of $142,000. But is he off the felts? No way. Polk is seen very often grinding in cash games especially high stakes poker.

Video Credit: Doug Polk / Poker is Easy YouTube

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