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Dylan Gang Mercilessly Slow Rolls Garrett Adelstein At Hustler Casino Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 22 Feb, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 22 Feb, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 22 Feb, 2022

Dylan Gang Mercilessly Slow Rolls Garrett Adelstein At Hustler Casino

Hustler Casino Live hosted the $100/$200/$400/$800 cash game on the 18th February, which had a classic slow roll stunt by Dylan Gang when he went up against Garrett Adelstein. The game was live-streamed when Adelstein aka G-Man took the slow roll in his stride, leaving many in shock including commentator Bart Hanson. News reports also state that Hanson called Gang a super villain.

When there was $36,000 left in the pot, the action continued. Gang had and called the bet from the button, Adelstein with   raised from the big blind. The flop opened  which helped nobody. The turn opened gave Gang a three of a kind. A   on the river gave Adelstein a reason to smile. Adelstein bet $20,000, and Gang raised to $75,000 with a full house. Adelstein immediately made a call and to which Gang commented, “Good call,” giving a fake impression to Adelstein that he may have won the pot. The cash game legend turned over his cards and was ready to take the pot when Gang shot back saying “Just Kidding” and revealed his full house. Adelstein remained silent, but the commentator was shocked and exclaimed, “Wow, that was definitely in poor etiquette, I will say.” While the cash game pro did not react immediately, he took to Twitter to share his view.

Check out Garrett Adelstein’s Tweet below:

Why do you think Gang slow-rolled Adelstein? 

In the past, there was an incident where Gang won a $200,000 pot against Adelstein’s top pair. Later on, Garrett added $180,000 to his stack against Dylan. When Adelstein was asked about his rival Gang, he jokingly said, “I am thinking I want to eat your unborn children.” This comment left Gang fuming and no wonder, he may have slow-rolled Adelstein to get back at him. friday’s game is proof. Take a look the video from 18th February here:

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Gang’s Past Altercations

Gang is not new to feuds. He was involved in an altercation with Rajon Rondo of Los Angeles Lakers in October. The hand-slapping incident resulted in Gang getting the boot. 

What Is A Slow Roll In Poker? 

Slow Roll in poker has two different meanings. When a player purposely pauses before calling (usually against an all-in) with a strong hand. Secondly when a player does not reveal his hand in a timely manner at showdown.

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