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Category: WPT Ladies NLH

WPT Ladies NLH

16 Apr, 2023 Kanchan Sharma Leads The Final 12 Players

It was just last year that Agra-based Kanchan Sharma won the DPT Ladies Event and she seems to be bossing this tournament for the ladies as well. She’s currently the chip leader among the final 12 players on the last two tables and is likely to finish in the money if she continues like ...

WPT Ladies NLH

16 Apr, 2023 Milena Mezhuieva Busted; Re-Enters

Level: 5, Blinds: 300/500, Ante 500 Milena Mezhuieva shoved all-in with KQ against Simran Malhotra‘s Big Slick. The board of 4  2 ♠ 6 ♠ T ♦ K ♣ brought not much change sending Mezhuieva away. But hey, did she really go away?! Hell no! She immediately rushed to the registration des...

WPT Ladies NLH

16 Apr, 2023 Queens Stand By Queen Kanchan Sharma As She Ships Ladies NLH

Female pro Kanchan Sharma has shipped the WPT Prime India 2023 Ladies NLH event to claim her first-ever WPT title. And what a hand to claim the ultimate crown?! The Agra-girl took down the title with pocket queens as her winning hand. In the heads-up with Radhika Shankar, ‘poker mom’ sh...

WPT Ladies NLH

16 Apr, 2023 Simran Malhotra And Simran Sharma Finish Fourth And Third

Simran Malhotra shoved her 17K all-in and was called by Radhika Shankar. The board fanned out Q6J83, and Shankar’s AK stood tall against Malhotra’s A5. Malhotra took the fourth spot and pocketed ₹32,620. Malhotra: A5 Shankar: AK Board: Q6J83 Just a few hands later, Simran Sharma had to ...

WPT Ladies NLH

16 Apr, 2023 Sudipta And Maria Bow Out At The Hands Of Radhika

Sudipta was busted by Radhika Shankar. Although we do not have much details about the hand, we know that Sudipta was down to 5K, while Shankar had 45K. A few hands later Shankar went on to bust Maria Kirloskar with her A6 on the board of AQ3TA, while Kirloskar busted with pocket fours. ...

WPT Ladies NLH

16 Apr, 2023 Maureen Bloechlinger Takes The Seventh Spot

LEVEL: 13, BLINDS: 1,500/3,000, ANTE 3,000 Maureen Bloechlinger pushed her 17K onto the table from the big blind with A4. Kanchan Sharma called with pocket sixes. The board brought 46228 to show Bloechlinger the exit door. Sharma: 66 Bloechlinger: A4 Board: 46228

WPT Ladies NLH

16 Apr, 2023 Pratibha Arya And Milena Mezhuieva Among The First Casualties On The FT

Adda52 Game Ambassador Pratibha Arya and Milena Mezhuieva have exited the FT of the Ladies NLH event. Arya was the first casualty after she shoved her 34K with A  3  after Kanchan Sharma raised 10K pre-flop. Sharma, who is among the top stacks called with A ♠ J ♠. The board fanned out K...

WPT Ladies NLH

15 Apr, 2023 Ladies NLH Final Table Begins

The Ladies NLH event is down to the final nine players seated at the final table. The table is a star-studded one with some notable names like Maria Kirloskar, Simran Malhotra, Radhika Shankar and Kanchan Sharma. Check out the chip counts before the final table:       &nb...

WPT Ladies NLH

15 Apr, 2023 Maria Shows Laveena The Door!

LEVEL 11, BLINDS: 1K/2K, ANTE 2K Adda52 Game Ambassador Maria Kirloskar (A ♦ K ♦ ) locked horns with Laveena Belani (J  Q  ) who moved all-in with 8K. Kirloskar makes the call and sees a board of 4 ♠ 7 ♦ T ♦ K ♠ 2 ♠. Kirloskar paired her King on the board and that led to her rival’s eli...

WPT Ladies NLH

15 Apr, 2023 Payouts Announced

The payouts for the Ladies NLH event have been announced. The event will pay out the top four players. A total prize pool of ₹2,95,620 was generated by 26 entries who paid the buy-in of ₹12,500 to play this event.            Ladies NLH Payouts: 1st place – ₹1,33...

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