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Category: IPC 15K Mystery Bounty

IPC 15K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Sameer Shown The Door

Viney Singal bet 600 preflop to be called by two players and raised to 3,200 by the 25K Kick-off Event runner up Sameer Agarwal. Singal with his pocket kings happily called. On the flop of 8 K 6, Singal hit a set and bet 8,600 but due to the wetness of the board, Agarwal jammed […]

IPC 15K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Registrations Are Flooding In For 15K Mystery Bounty

The IPC 15K Mystery Bounty tournament started at 4 PM and we already have 23 registrations. This was one event several players were looking forward to grind in. So far, well-known grinders Aayush Agarwal, Sameer Shivhare, Gopal Bajaj, Vineet Kumar, Harsh Bubna, Avneesh Munjal, Gagandeep...

IPC 15K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 15K Mystery Bounty Begins

The 15K Mystery Bounty has kick-off here, at Casino Vegas in Hotel Mechi Crown (HMC), Jhapa Nepal. As we told you earlier, this tournament has a unique format and will bring in some exciting surprises. All players playing this ₹15,000 buy-in event, will get a starting stack of 30,000 ch...

IPC 15K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Players Choosing To Sleep Over 15K Mystery Bounty?

In less than a few minutes, the much awaited 15K Mystery Bounty will start. This is the first time that such a tournament is being hosted in the Indian felts for the first time. The suspense factor adds to the excitement of the bounty tournament. Bounty events are always looked forward ...

IPC 15K Mystery Bounty

22 May, 2022 Get Ready For The 15K Mystery Bounty

As we closely witness and update you about the latest updates on India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022, Main Event Day 2, we will also bring you the updates from the 15K Mystery Bounty tournament happening alongside. This one-day event is all set to begin at 5 PM today and ...

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