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Category: APT High Roller – 8 Max

APT High Roller – 8 Max

08 May, 2023 Phachara Wongwichit Headlines APT Taipei 2023 High Roller

Phachara Wongwichit has emerged as the new APT Taipei 2023 High Roller champion after taking down the event after beating Tsz Him Chan in the swingy heads-up. Wongwichit claimed the title, the shinny APT gold trophy and the top prize of TWD 5,286,500 ($172,630). Amarylisa GonsalvesAmary...

APT High Roller – 8 Max

08 May, 2023 Tsz Him Chan Finishes Runner-up For $114,760

Tsz Him Chan called the blinds, followed by an all-in raise of 24 Million from Phachara Wongwichit. Chan made the all-in call with just 6.1 Million left. Chan flipped Q 9, while Wongwichit showed 6 5. The board fanned out 6 5 2 2 8 and Wongwichit jumped in excitement. Chan finished runn...

APT High Roller – 8 Max

08 May, 2023 Tsz Him Chan Leading The Heads-UP

The heads-up is set with Tsz Him Chan and Phachara Wongwichit ready to lock horns for the top spot. Here are their stacks before the heads-up: Name Chip Counts Tsz Him Chan 19,000,000 Phachara Wongwichit 10,000,000 Amarylisa GonsalvesAmarylisa Gonsalves is a Content Writer at Gutshot Ma...

APT High Roller – 8 Max

08 May, 2023 Robert Kiss’ Aces Cracked At The Third Spot For $83,940

Robert Kiss has bubbled the heads-up by hitting the rail at the third place. Phachara Wongwichit limped from the small blind with 5 4 for 300,000. Kiss raised to 750,000 from the big blind holding Pocket Rockets. Wongwichit called and the board ran our Q 5 9. Kiss responded to Wongwichi...

APT High Roller – 8 Max

08 May, 2023 Chen Loses To Chan At The 4th Spot For $67,755

Hsuanchao Chen has left the table after losing in the Chen vs. Chan battle. Chen jammed all-in from the small blind. Tsz Him Chan quickly called from the big blind flaunting pocket nines. Chen flipped A 5 to see 3 J 3 7 J.  Chen walked away at the fourth place, pocketing TWD 2,074,900 (...

APT High Roller – 8 Max

07 May, 2023 Kuan Han Chen Hits The Rail At The Fifth Place For $53,120

Kuan Han Chen has bid adieu to the FT at the fifth spot. After Robert Kiss moved all-in with J 9 from the small blind, Chen made a call sitting next to him. Kiss had Chen covered, as Chen flipped J 8. The board fanned out 7 4 A Q Q, sending Chen packing with […]

APT High Roller – 8 Max

07 May, 2023 Peter Da Takes The 6th Spot

Day 1 chip leader Peter Da found an exit at the sixth place after he raised to 400,000 from the hijack and found a caller in Tsz Him Chan from the small blind. After both the players checked the 4 2 8 flop, Chan bet 400,000 on the 5 river. Da called to see 6 […]

APT High Roller – 8 Max

07 May, 2023 Zarvan Tumboli Bows Out At The 7th Spot For $29,530

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli‘s deep run at the APT Taipei 2023 High Roller has ended with the Mumbai-based player taking the seventh spot. The last Indian standing jammed from the UTG holding A K. Tsz Him Chan called with T T. The board fanned out to Q 3 9 2 5 ending Tumboli&#...

APT High Roller – 8 Max

07 May, 2023 Kevin Choi Out At 8th For $21,700

Kevin Choi has become the next casualty on the FT. His Q J succumbed to Tsz Him Chan‘s J 9, after the latter called the former’s all-in. The board of K Q T J 5 eliminated Choi at the 8th place awarding him TWD 664,400 ($21,700) for his run.  Choi: Q J  Chan: J 9 Board: [&hel...

APT High Roller – 8 Max

07 May, 2023 Zarvan Tumboli Playing It Safe?

Zarvan Tumboli seems to be playing safe, guarding his chips and his position at the FT. He folded three alternate hands after initially contributing to the pots.  Hand 20: Tumboli bet 260,000 and Hsuanchao Chen called. On the flop of A♠ K♦ Q♦, Tumboli bet 210,000 and Chen called. Both t...

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