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Azusa Maeda wins 2 APT Taiwan side-events Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 27 Feb, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 27 Feb, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 27 Feb, 2019

Azusa Maeda wins 2 APT Taiwan side-events

Another set of Golden Lion trophies were awarded in 2019 APT Taiwan, along with the Main Event champion Chow Cliff earning his trophy. A total of 5 side-events reached their end yesterday. Here’s a round-up of all 5 of them:

Azusa Maeda wins two side-events

Japan’s Azusa Maeda has made some epic runs in the inaugural APT Taiwan series. He became the first player of the series to win two side-events, first Event #7 NLHE 1 where he overcame a tough field of 157 players, who each put up the TWD 9.9k buy-in.

Maeda took home the lion’s share first place cash prize of TWD 316,300 (~INR 7.33 Lakhs). Maeda hails from Tokyo, Japan and is an APT regular, though he has been absent for a couple of years. This is his 5th APT side-event trophy, having previously won in 2015 APT Manila. His recent victory was in 2019 Manila Millions where he won the Deepstack event for PHP 139,500.

Final 8 Pay-outs:

  1. Azusa Maeda – TWD 316,300
  2. Kim Hak Do – TWD 210,900
  3. Wu-Ho-Ru – TWD 146,600
  4. Ben Lai – Hong Kong – TWD 105,900
  5. Hsu – Sheng Wang – TWD 79,200
  6. Koji Takagi – TWD 61,100
  7. Tiamhang Zhang – TWD 48,500
  8. Yik Yin Ray Chiu – TWD 39,500
Azusa Maeda wins 2 APT Taiwan side-events_2

Maeda then won the Event #10 PLO Hi where 99 players contended after chipping TWD 9.9k each. The prize pool of TWD 864,300 was divided among top 17 places and Maeda defeated Yeung Lok Kin in heads-up to secure his firs place cash prize of TWD 223,800 (~INR 5.18 Lakhs). With these two wins, Meada is now foremost in the APT Player of the Series race.

Ian Modder wins High Rollers 1

This event gathered 89 players to the felt for a buy-in of TWD 86k each. The prize pool came to TWD 6,906,400 and top 15 positions were only paid. Grabbing the lion’s share out of the prize pool was Canada’s Ian Modder for TWD 1,845,700 (~INR 42.74 Lakhs).

Azusa Maeda wins 2 APT Taiwan side-events_3

Heads-up saw Modder against Marc Riverawinner of 2018 APPT National, and both fiercely battled it out but in the end Modder prevailed. He also took home the elusive APT Golden Lion trophy along with the cash prize.

Final Table Pay-outs:

  1. Ian Modder – TWD 1,845,700
  2. Marc Rivera – TWD 1,230,500
  3. Yifan Zhang – China – TWD 855,400
  4. Michael Seymour – TWD 617,800
  5. Luke Martinelli – TWD 462,000
  6. David Wang – TWD 356,600
  7. Wei Cheng Yin – TWD 283,200
  8. Wen Ling Gao – TWD 230,700

Mark Reyes wins Short Deck (Shot Clock)

There were two short deck events lined-up in the series and both declared its winners. The first one was Short Deck (Shot Clock) and attracted 63 runners to the felt. The first-place cash prize was bagged by Philippines’ Mark Reyes for TWD 158,800 (~INR 3.68 Lakhs).

Azusa Maeda wins 2 APT Taiwan side-events_4

Reyes was up against China’s Xiaoshen Zheng in heads-up, who put up a strong fight but ultimately failed to eliminate Reyes. Reyes, with this, won his first ever APT Trophy and his first ever live win.

Final Table Pay-outs:

  1. Mark Reyes – TWD 158,800 
  2. Xiaoshen Zheng – TWD 105,800
  3. Lau Heng Seng – TWD 73,600
  4. Yuki Hirita – TWD 53,100
  5. Christopher Miller – TWD 39,700
  6. Guoyu – TWD 30,700
  7. Peng Hsin Hoi – TWD 24,400
  8. Tsing Chun HSiong – TWD 19,800

Joo Hyun Park wins Short Deck High Rollers (Single Day)

The last of the day’s side events declared its champion and it was South Korea’s Joo Hyun Park who took home a massive first-place cash prize of TWD 521,900 (~INR 12.09 Lakhs) out of the prize pool of TWD 1,067,000. Park crushed Singapore’s Graeme Siow’s Kings in heads-up with Queen-set on the turn.

Azusa Maeda wins 2 APT Taiwan side-events_5

Final 4 Pay-outs:

  1. Joo Hyun Park- TWD 521,900
  2. Graeme Siow – TWD 297,900
  3. Liu Yue – TWD 162,700
  4. Chen Dong – TWD 102,500

Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for all updates from APT Taiwan as it isn’t over yet and will be running till 3rd March 2019.

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Image Courtesy – APT



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