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Anmol Srivats wins IPC 100k Highroller after 3-way deal Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 18 Jan, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 18 Jan, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 18 Jan, 2020

Anmol Srivats wins IPC 100k Highroller after 3-way deal

What a fantastic finish it was to this India Poker Championship (IPC) tournament. Yesterday, we reached a record 210 entries in the IPC 100k Highroller and after hours and a couple of days of grinding, we finally have a winner in Anmol Srivats! He played well from yesterday and there was no more deserving winner than him tonight!

When play started today, there were 58 players still in contention to win this IPC Highroller title and Raag Fernandes was leading the pack. Raag also ran good through the day and landed himself on the final table too. In fact, he did well enough to reach 3-way play with Srivats and Zarvan Tumboli, beating a number of poker professionals and some of India’s best along the way.

During 3-way play, an ICM deal was discussed with Srivats in the lead, Raag second and Tumboli third. The prizes were discussed and there was only the trophy to play for as it was decided that Srivats would be paid INR 39,37,812, Fernandes would take home INR 37,73,340 and Tumboli INR 30,59,847.

Once the deal was sorted, it wasn’t long before the eliminations took place. Raag was involved in one extremely intense hand where he had pocket Kings and hit a full house on the 4K4 flop, only for a 4 to open on the turn as well. Anmol shoved on the river and after cursing his luck, Raag made the call. Unluckily, his full house lost to quad Fours.

That gave Anmol a humongous chip lead and from there, it wasn’t going to be long before he went on to be declared winner. However, it got over even quicker than we thought. Zarvan was dealt pocket Nines and shoved on the first hand, only to get the call from Anmol who had Q3 hearts. Anmol ran like a god today and he ended up flopping 2 more Threes while the turn and river bricked for Zarvan, sending him out in 2nd place.

While the prize monies were already discussed, there was pride and prestige to play for and all of that went to Anmol, who lifted his first ever IPC title. On the other hand, Zarvan collected his certificate and left the tournament floor. What a fantastic last couple of days it has been, and we couldn’t have expected a better end to proceedings!

Final table results:

  1. Anmol Srivats – INR 39,37,812 (deal made)
  2. Zarvan Tumboli – INR 30,59,847 (deal made)
  3. Raag Fernandes – INR 37,73,340 (deal made)
  4. Harshad Barve – INR 12,70,100
  5. Sahil Agarwal – INR 9,80,800
  6. Kanishka Samant – INR 8,12,800
  7. Vivek Rughani – INR 6,92,600
  8. Anish Patra – INR 6,04,000
  9. Akash Shekhar – INR 5,18,200

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