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5 more winners crowned on SVS Day 4 Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 13 Oct, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 13 Oct, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 13 Oct, 2019

5 more winners crowned on SVS Day 4

The Spartan Value Series (SVS) hosted by Spartan Poker is an excellent platform for the beginners to start their poker journey. Yesterday another 5 tournaments lined up and crowned 5 worthy winners. Here is a complete summary of SVS Day 4

SVS Event #16 INR 30k GTD

The buy-in cannot be less than INR 110 attracting a massive number of 330 players. The guaranteed amount was smashed to create a prize pool of INR 33k. The champion of the first tournament of the day was ‘Spartan92’ bagging INR 7,672 as first-place prize money. He beat ‘Romanticstar’, settling for the runner-up position and taking home INR 5,197.

In Level #32 (6,000/12,000 ante 1,200) ‘Spartan92’ (Th Qh) leading with 715k chips against ‘Romanticstar’ with 109k chips. Pre-flop both players put their entire stack in the middle. The former held a higher single pair TT as the board opened Ac 2c 7h Js Ts. The latter settled for second position holding 66 pairs.

SVS Event #17 INR 65k GTD

A total of 245 players registered in the tournament, each paying a buy-in of INR 275. The top 20 places received a paycheck of the minimum amount INR 817. Shipping the tournament last night was ‘reens’ who took home INR 14,132, playing against ‘Spearman’ heads-up. Both players settled for a deal with ‘reens’ carrying a larger stack, adding the prestigious title to his/her poker cabinet.

SVS Event #18 INR 90k GTD

As the tournament progressed, the third event attracted 220 players entering for a buy-in of INR 385. The top 20 places were paid out a minimum cash of INR 1,206. ‘kood’ emerged as the champion of the night after winning the third tournament of the day. The final hand of the tournament saw 4 players who settled for a deal with the rise of the eventual winner ‘kood’ who took home INR 15,007, while ‘bahubali007’ bagged INR 14,636 for runner-up title.

SVS Event #19 INR 2 Lakhs GTD

The guaranteed amount keeps increasing as the day progresses. The second last event saw 253 players entering for a buy-in of INR 770. It was ‘RB316’ who claimed the title after beating ‘Anteman’ in heads-up. The prize pool was eventually shared by the top 20 places each collecting a min-cash of INR 2,680.

In Level #30 (4,500/9,000 ante 900), ‘RB316’ (5s 7d) was leading with 674k chips against Aniket W aka ‘Anteman’ (6c 3h) with 590k chips before the final hand. Both players slow-play and check in the flop and turn 6s 9c Ts Qd. ‘Anteman’ collects from the pot for holding single pair 66 as 2s on river made no change while ‘RB316’ who entered the final hand of the tournament with a larger stack won the competition and added another feather to his poker cap.

SVS Event #20 Hi-Fi INR 4.5 Lakhs GTD

Hi-Fi is a regular tournament hosted at the end of the day always attracting a good field and this time 285 players enter and each paid a buy-in of INR 1,650. Walking away with decent prize money was the champion of the was ‘JellyFish1605’ who knocked out ‘Thomas Shelby 009’ in heads-up.

In Level #43 with blinds at 18,000/36,000 ante 4,500, ‘JellyFish1605’ (6d Ts) had 1.2 million chips playing against ‘Thomas Shelby 009’ (Ah 4c) with 1 million chips. On the turn 6c 2d Qc 4h both players bet 36k. The 2h river made no difference, both eventually bet another 36k. With ‘JellyFish1605’ holding a higher pair 6622, he wins and collects the pot while ‘Thomas Shelby 009’ with two pair 4422 settle for the runner-up position after a deal.

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