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WPT Main Event
Posted on 17 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 17 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 17 Apr, 2023

Vinod Megalmani Falls Out At The 12th Place

Vinod Megalmani bet 185K from the button with pocket threes, Prasit Chowdhury called from the big blind with Q   T   . On seeing the flop of T K ♠ T ♣, Chowdhury checked even though he had flopped trips. Megalmani pushed his stack on the table, and was called by Chowdhury. The turn and river of J 8   did not help and Megalmani had to exit taking the 12th spot for ₹6,85,000.

  • Megalmani: 3 ♣ 3 
  • Chowdhury: Q   T 
  • Board: T K ♠ T ♣ J


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