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Spartan Daredevil is claimed by ‘psy8055’ Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 29 Jul, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 29 Jul, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 29 Jul, 2018

Spartan Daredevil is claimed by ‘psy8055’

One of the most interesting tournaments that takes place online at The Spartan Poker is Saturday night’s DareDevil. Players get to buyin for Rs.4400 and are playing for a guaranteed prize pool of 5 Lakhs. A twist about the DareDevil is that in this rebuy format, if a player gets busted, he or she is able to rebuy for just 50% of the original buy-in. The winner of last night’s DareDevil tournament who would take away the lion share of the prizepool was ‘psy8505’.

It was a 61 player field that took to the virtual felts at The Spartan Poker to compete in this daily featured tournament. It must be kept in mind that the DareDevil is part of the daily feature tournament line-up for which there is also a leaderboard for players who score points and make it to the top and are awarded an additional cash prize. A total of nine players got paid out with Rs.15,000 being the minimum cash that each of these players would make. They were players like ‘Soona Panna’, ‘pokernoob’, ‘effuno’, ‘stupefy’ and others who ran deep but did not make it to the money.

The field got whittled down to the final three players in ‘SixthSense03’‘Heidi’ and psy8055. The hand that knocked out Heidi saw a flop of 5d Td 8d. With Ad Ts in hand, Heidi bet out and got a call from SixthSense03 to see the turn 6c. Fourth street saw Heidi going all-in as the short stack needed a double up to keep hopes alive in this tournament. SixthSense03 made a snap call with Jd 4d and seeing that flash on the flop itself was the bad news for Heidi who made an exit from this tournament in third place and collected a payout of INR 68,250.

It was now time for heads-up action with SixthSense03 having a little over 580k and his opponent holding the lead, although a slender one, with 747k. psy8055 extended his lead by winning two pots worth over 200k each. That opened up his lead to over 1 million chips versus SixthSense03’s 313k stack. The final hand of the tournament had SixthSense03 holding pocket Queens (Qc Qd) going up against psy8055’s 5d Ah. All the chips went into the middle pre-flop and with Td Ad 3s 5s Ac, it was a winning full house for psy8055 against SixthSense03’s Aces and Queens. That was the end of the tournament with spy8055 taking the first place prize of INR 1,45,750 while runner-up SixthSense03 got INR 1,05,000. 

Spartan deposit slim - May 2020

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