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Samir Seghal wins Hi-Fi on SVS Day 2 on Spartan Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 22 Nov, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 22 Nov, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 22 Nov, 2019

Samir Seghal wins Hi-Fi on SVS Day 2 on Spartan

Each month Spartan Poker hosts Spartan Value Series (SSS) which is now already underway, coming with a series guarantee of INR 52+ Lakhs and providing a platform for the low/mid-stakes players to win big! Each day 5 tournaments take place and the entire string is scheduled to run from 20 to 24 November. And here is the complete summary of SVS Day 2

SVS Event #6 INR 40k GTD

The first tournament of SVS Day 2 pulled out 377 players who entered for a buy-in of INR 110. The prize pool was further shared among the top 23 players for a min-cash of INR 464. And here we had our first winner of the day, Abhinav Nayyar aka ‘abhinavdoc007’ outlasting the field to win INR 7,480 adding to his poker bankroll. After the final hand was played out, the players settled for a 3-way deal. With Nayyar carrying the largest stack of 897k won the entire tournament.

SVS Event #7 INR 45k GTD

Another action loaded tournament attracted 149 players and the top 15 finishers received a paycheck, a share from the prize pool although the buy-in to the event increased this time to INR 330. Making a grand finish was ‘iamlucknuts’ beating ‘Rude’ in heads-up to win INR 11,497 in prize money!

In the final hand of the tournament, ‘iamlucknuts’ and ‘Rude’ both place their blinds in Level #29. The former raises 25k in pre-flop and the latter re-raise it to 80k. Again a 3-bet call of 120k from ‘iamlucknuts’ which made ‘Rude’ calling 29k and putting his entire stack on the table which was matched by the former. The board ran Qd 8c Qh 8h 8d, ‘iamlucknuts’ holding a trip Queens wins the tournament while ‘Rude’ obtains three of a kind Eights from the table.

SVS Event #8 INR 30k GTD

Prajit Ghambir aka ‘Prajit’ was seen powering through the field of 138 entries who entered for a buy-in of INR 165. The top 11 players were in the money, receiving a share from the prize pool and min-cash INR 750. At the end, the tournament saw a 4-way deal with Ghambir carrying the largest stack won the champion title adding a valuable amount to his bankroll.

SVS Event #9 INR 1.4 Lakhs GTD

180 players took to their seats for a buy-in of INR 770, generating a prize pool that was later shared among the top 15 places. Triumphing the tournament was K Chakradhar Reddy aka ‘reddiered07’ pushing ‘Ma$TER Mind’ into the runner-up position.

Reddy with 649k chips up against ‘Ma$TER Mind’ who entered with 250k chips in level 27 of the tournament. Putting their respective blinds, the table checked around until the river card was dealt. While the latter holding two pairs of Aces and Eights against the former with single pair of Eight collects from the pot. The players now settle for a 2-way deal, with Reddy carrying the larger stack triumphs yesterday’s tournament! 

SVS Event #10 Hi-Fi INR 4.5 Lakhs GTD

The final tournament was Hi-Fi which promised the biggest guarantee on SVS Day 2. With a buy-in of INR 1,650, a total number of 289 players took to their seats. Although the biggest chunk of the prize pool belonged to the champion, the top 27 finishers received min-cash of INR 4,500, a share from the same. Grabbing the enormous first-place prize money was Samir Sehgal aka ‘Samy3636’ defeating a frequent face on Spartan Poker and the well-known online grinder Neeraj Kumar aka ‘SelfClaimedPros’ in heads-up.

The tournament reached level 10 and both players prepped up for playing the final hand. Sehgal carrying 1.8 million chips up against Kumar with 1 million chips. Drawing their respective blinds, the former raises 40k holding pair of Queens got a call from the latter. Qc 3d 7d flop, Sehgal now having trip Queens plays safe and bet 120k, a call from Kumar for pair of Queens. Ts on the turn, Sehgal still ahead of his opponent bets 360k. Both players shoves to see 3s on the river. Showing their cards, Sehgal tops the tournament showing a full house over his opponent’s two pairs of Queens and Tens.

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