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DPT July 2023

DPT July 2023 Main Event Live Updates

Shravan Chhabria Is The Second Runner-Up

Poker pro Shravan Chhabria was eliminated by Krishna Khaitan, who hit a flush on the T 3 6 7 K board, with his 5 3 . Chabbria mucked and walked towards the cashout cage, taking the third place and ₹23,36,880 in prize money. 

  • Chabbria: NA
  • Khaitan: 5 3
  • Board: T 3 6 7 K

Rubin Labroo’s Great Run Comes To An End At The 4th Spot

Vasu Bansal opened to 250k from UTG, and found a caller in Krishna Khaitan from the cut-off. Rubin Labroo shoved all-in from the small blind, leading to Bansal folding. The chip leader Khaitan called and flipped A 3 . The board of 7 Q 3 6 8 brought Labroo’s tournament life to an end, who sat with J K . Labroo takes home ₹18,69,504 for his effort.

  • Khaitan – A 3
  • Labroo: J K
  • Board: 7 Q 3 6 8

Adda52 Big Million Champion Avinash Koneru Knocked Off At The Fifth Spot

Adda52 Big Million winner Avinash Koneru was eliminated at the hands of Rubin Labroo. Koneru takes the fifth spot for a payday of ₹19,40,000.

It was a three-way pit between Labroo, Koneru and Krishna Khaitan, where Koneru was all-in pre-flop. Labroo scored his second elimination in a row by taking down the pot and chipping up. 

WPT India 2017 ME Winner Vikash Mantri Bows Out At The 6th Spot

Shravan Chhabria opened with 200k from the UTG position. Vikash Mantri responded by going all-in with 990k from the button. Rubin Labroo also jammed from the small blind. This led to Chhabria folding. 

IPC 2020 Main Event champion Labroo showed Big Slick, while Mantri had Dimes. The Board of 4 Q 9 8 A eliminated Mantri for ₹11,68,440. 

  • Labroo: A K
  • Mantri: T T
  • Board: 4 Q 9 8 A

Karan Sitlani Out At The 7th Spot

Karan Sitlani shoved all-in with his 390k from the cut-off. Vasu Bansal called from the small blind and flipped K 9 , while Sitlani showed J T . The board fanned out 7 8 6 8 2 eliminating Sitlani for ₹8,76,330. 

  • Sitlani: J T
  • Bansal: K 9
  • Board: 7 8 6 8 2

Nishant Kumar Takes The 8th Place

Nishant Kumar has exited the final table of the DPT July 2023 Main Event at the eighth place, after his Pocket Kings were taken down by Rubin Labroo’s Aces on the 5 9 7 T Q board. Kumar pocketed ₹7,30,275 for his efforts.

  • Labroo: AA
  • Kumar: KK
  • Board: 5 9 7 T Q

Arjanveer Singh Chadha Is The First Casualty On The FT

Arjanveer Singh Chadha has become the first casualty after he succumbed at the hands of Vasu Bansal. Chadha’s K T fell short against Bansal’s Q J on the T 9 2 9 J board. Chadha takes home ₹5,55,000. 

  • Chadha: K T
  • Bansal: Q J
  • Board: T 9 2 9 J


DPT July 2023 Main Event Final Table Kicks-Off!

DPT July 2023 ME FTDPT July 2023 Main Event has resumed for one last time to battle it out for the ultimate title. The top nine finalists who bagged and tagged last night will have assembled to aim for glory. These nine players have made their way to the top from among the 642 entries across four starting flights. All these nine finalists have ensured themselves a min-cash of ₹5,55,009.

The game will resume at Level 24 with blinds running 25k-50k, Ante 50k.



Anuj Manocha Bubbles The Main Event At the 33rd Place

Anuj Manocha, has become the unfortunate bubble boy after he busted at the 33rd place in the DPT July 2023 Main Event. All the remaining 32 players have made it in the money.  Some of the other bust outs around the bubble include: 

  • Amit Tejura (32nd)
  • Anuj Manocha (33rd)
  • Varad Patel (34th)
  • Vikhayat Ahlawat (35th)
  • TBU
  • Siddharth Jolly (37th)
  • Siddharth (40th)

WPT Prime India 2023 ME Champion Prasit Chowdhury Eliminates Siddharth

WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event winner Prasit Chowdhury seems to be in a serious mood of grabbing his second Main Event of the year here at the Deltin Royale. He Siddharth’s tournament to chip up and stay among the top stacks. 

Siddharth jammed 91,000 from the UTG, and Chowdhury called from the small blind. Siddharth flipped pocket fours and Chowdhury showed K J . The board brought 5 8 K J 3 . Chowdhury prevailed, while Siddharth walked away empty-handed. 

  • Siddharth: 4 4
  • Chowdhury: K J
  • Board: 5 8 K J 3

Recent Eliminations

Several players have exited the DPT July 2023 Main Event. Some of the recent eliminations include Siddarth Singhvi, and Adda52 Game Ambassadors Ram Kakkar, Pratibha Arya and Arun Sriram. 

Singhvi was busted by Jaydeep Dawer, while Kakkar was knocked off by Nishant Kumar. Arya’s tournament was cut short by Abheejit Shetty. On the other hand, Sriram succumbed at the hands of Abhishek Sonu. 

Down To The Top 52 Players

The DPT July 2023 Main Event field is down to the final 52 players. The top 42 players will be paid. Leading the pack is Krishna Khaitan, the second-highest stack at the beginning of Day 2. Here are the top stacks: 

  • Krishna Khaitan – 962k
  • Jai Prab – 706k
  • Karan Kapoor – 671k
  • Kunal Patni – 690k
  • Gautam Rohilla – 605k
  • Prasit Choudhury – 710k
  • Alok Birewar – 750k

Himanshu Kataria Finds An Early Exit

Kunal Patni raised to 65,000 from the small blind after Himanshu Kataria limped from the UTG. This led to Kataria shoving all-in for 12,000 with K J in hand. Patni called and flipped A A

The board fanned out to 9 3 Q Q 9 , and Patni’s aces busted Kataria out of the Main Event.

  • Patni: A A
  • Kataria: K J  
  • Board: 9 3 Q Q 9

Day 2 OF DPT July 2023 Underway!

The ultimate Day 2 of the DPT July 2023 Main Event has kicked off. The remaining 56 survivors will now battle it out and #UpTheGame to walk away with the coveted title along with the top prize of ₹58.71 Lakh. 

After four starting flights which saw combined 642 entries, the top 56 have resumed Day 2 at Level 16 with blinds running at 3k-6k.


Jairam Parab Takes The 10th Spot; Bubbles The DPT Main Event FT

Jairam Parab‘s elimination at the 10th spot has set the final table of nine at DPT Main Event. Chip leader Krishna Kaitan opened from UTG to 150k chips. Parab shoved all-in from the small blind for 650k. Here Kaitan called and flipped A Q , while Parab showed K Q . The board brought 6 4 T 3 A , giving Kaitan a flush and eliminating Parab. 

Parab walked away with a pay cheque of ₹4,08,954.

  • Parab: K Q
  • Krishna: A Q
  • Board: 6 4 T 3 A

DPT July 2023 Main Event Final Table Is Set, With Krishna Khaitan In The Lead!

After a 12-hour long Day 2, the DPT July 2023 Main Event has its final table of the top nine players. The day which started with 82 players, came to an end with the final nine bagging and tagging. 

By making it to the FT, these final nine players have assured themselves a min-cash of ₹5,55,009. The winner will get to walk away with ₹58,71,000 up top, along with the coveted DPT trophy.

Krishna Khaitan, the second-highest stack at the beginning of Day 2 has bagged the heaviest bag on the FT. He is leading the final nine with a stack of 3,475,000.

DPT July 2023 ME Final Table Chip Counts:

  1. Krishna Khaitan – 34, 75,000
  2. Rubin Labroo – 26,95,000
  3. Shravan Chhabria – 20,73,000
  4. Nishant Kumar – 22,50,000
  5. Vasu Bansal – 19, 40,000
  6. Arjanveer Singh – 16,50,000
  7. Vikash Mantri – 15, 45,000
  8. Karan Sitlani – 13, 60,000
  9. Avinash Koneru – 12,60,000

Recent Eliminations Ahead Of The FT

The Main Event has seen some more bust-outs just ahead of the FT bubble. Some of the most notable recent eliminations include Avinash Koneru, Bibhu Agarwal, Vinay B, WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event winner Prasit Chowdhury. and Gautham Sachdeva.

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