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APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023

APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event

Akshay Nasa Narrowly Misses The ME Title

India’s Akshay Nasa has finished second at the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event after leading for the most part of the final table and putting up a tough fight in the heads-up. He takes home VND 2,116,100,000 (~$90,510) for his efforts.

After a long heads-up battle, Nasa shoved his 5,100,000 stack all-in with 8 5 in hand. Dinh Duc Linh tanked and used his time-extension chip to finally make the call. Linh had K J in hand. 

The board brought 3 Q T 6 4 and ended Nasa’s deep run in the event. 

  • Nasa: 8 5
  • Linh: K J
  • Board: 3 Q T 6 4  


Takumasa Uemura Is The Second Runner-up

Takumasa Uemura has finished third setting up the heads-up between Dinh Duc Linh and Akshay Nasa. Uemura pushed his remaining stack of 1,100,000 in the middle of the table and Linh tank called. 

Uemura tabled Q 9 , while Linh had K 5 to show. The board had K 7 T 3 T , ending Uemura’s tournament life as he took home VND 1,514,300,000 (~$64,820).

  • Uemura: Q 9
  • Linh: K 5
  • Board: K 7 T 3 T

Jongwook Kim And Nguyen Duc Cuong Finish 5th And 4th Respectively

Jongwook Kim And Nguyen Duc Cuong were both eliminated within minutes at the 5th and 6th place respectively. 

First, it was Kim, whose A T fell against Linh’s A Q on the 2 5 J 2 K board. Kim took the fifth place for ND 923,100,000 (~$39,515).

  • Kim: A T
  • Linh: A Q
  • Board: 2 5 J 2 K

Just a few hand later, Linh ended Cuong’s tournament life with his Cowboys, as the latter sat with Q 9 . The board of A 8 J Q A sent Cuong railing at the fourth place for VND 1,171,700,000 (~$50,160).

  • Linh: K K
  • Cuong: Q 9
  • Board: A 8 J Q A

Nguyen Van Sang Hits The Rail At The 6th Place

Nguyen Van Sang has bid farewell to the Main event taking the sixth place. He shoved all in from the button for 2,500,000 and was called by Akshay Nasa in the big blind.

Sang’s Q T succumbed against Nasa’s A K on the 6 J 9 2 6 board. Vietnam’s Sang cashed VND 722,500,000 (~$30,930) for his efforts.

  • Sang: Q T
  • Nasa: A K
  • Board: 6 J 9 2 6

Chun Chieh Liu Walks Out At The 7th Place

Chun Chieh Liu has been eliminated in seventh place for VND 534,300,000 (~$22,870). Liu had his last 570,000  and Dinh Duc Linh made the call. 

Lui had A 2 , and Linh had 8 5 . The board had 2 J 8 3 5 eliminating Liu.

  • Liu: A 2
  • Linh: A 2
  • Board: 2 J 8 3 5

Emmanuel Derecho Takes The 8th Place

Emmanuel Derecho has taken the eighth place for VND 367,500,000 (~$15,730). Derecho open-shoved for 850,000 to be called by Nguyen Van Sang. 

Derecho showed K J , and Sang had A Q . The board fanned out to 3 Q A 8 A giving Sang a full house.

  • Sang: A Q
  • Derecho: K J
  • Board: 3 Q A 8 A

Jeongho Hwang Becomes The First Casualty On The FT

Jeongho Hwang has become the fisrt casualty on the FT after he took the ninth spot for VND 289,400,000 (~$12,385).

Nguyen Van Sang opened to 120,000 and Chun Chieh Liu made the call. Hwang shoved his stack for a little over 800,000 and Liu decided to make the call and flipped to the Big Slick. Hwang showed A Q

The board brought J 2 K 3 7 , thus bringing an end to Hwang’s tournament life.

  • Hwang: A Q
  • Lui: A K
  • Board: J 2 K 3 7

Akshay Nasa Leading The Final Table

Akshay Nasa

India’s Akshay Nasa is leading the final nine at APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023. The Indian pro has a stack of 6,275,000 chips (1266 BB) at his disposal. Second in stacks is South Korea’s JongWook Kim, with a stack of 4,160,000 (83 BB).

Position Name Country Chips
1 Akshay Nasa India 6,275,000
2 JongWook Kim South Korea 4,160,000
3 Emmanuel Junior Derecho Australia 2,640,000
4 Dinh Duc Linh Vietnam 2,565,000
5 Chun Chieh Liu Taiwan 2,205,000
6 Nguyen Duc Cuong Vietnam 1,770,000
7 Takumasa Uemura Japan 1,475,000
8 Van Sang Nguyen Vietnam 1,440,000
9 Jeong Ho Hwang South Korea 680,000

Final Table Is Set!

The APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 field has condensed down to the final nine players on the final table. More details on who has made it to the FT to follow. Keep an eye on this space to get the latest updates.

Akshay Nasa’s Ace Held High

Victor Em opened to 40,000 and was followed by a raise from India’s Akshay Nasa to 120,000. Em called to see the 3 4 2 7 6 on board. 

Nasa scooped the pot with an Ace-high hand holding AT.

Kunal Patni Survives

Kunal Patni shoved all in on the board of 8 J 4 A against Doan Quang Trung. Patni flipped a A 8 , as Trung showed J 8 . Both the players had two pairs, with Patni leading. 

The river of 5 had nothing to change as Patni scooped the pot, and Trung was down to 70,000 chips.

  • Patni: A 8
  • Trung: J 8 J 4 A 5  

Day 3 Begins

Day 3 of the APT Main Event has begun with the final 48 players returning to make it to the final table.

A total of 581 entries have created a prize pool of VND 17,752,455,000 (~$759,340) across four starting flights and Day 2. The winner takes home a whopping VND 3,401,355,000 (~$145,500).

Out of the 19 Indians that had made it to Day 2 only three of them have progressed to Day 3 with the following stacks:

Name Chips
Akshay Nasa 670,000
Mohit Bohra 599,000
Kunal Patni 265,000

Day 2 Ends With Three Indians In Play

Day 2 of the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event has concluded with 48 players bagging and tagging. The 236 survivors from the four starting flights were accompanied by an additional 40 new entries registering on Day 2.

This led to the event gathering a total of 581 entries (345 unique), which generated a prize pool of VND 17,752,455,000 (~$759,340). The winner has ensured a top prize of VND 3,401,355,000 (~$145,500).

Three Indians, namely Akshay Nasa, Kunal Patni and Mohit Bohra, have marched on to Day 3 with stacks of 670,000, 599,000 and 265,000, respectively. Nasa is among the top 10 stacks to enter Day 3. 

Position Name Country Chips
1 Daiki Shingae Japan 1,941,000
2 Sang Nguyen Van Vietnam 1,429,000
3 Victor Em Vietnam 1,138,000
4 Xoa Nguyen Thi Vietnam 1,100,000
5 Kang Chen China 930,000
6 Quan Qiu China 896,000
7 Nguyen Vu Ha Vietnam 893,000
8 Akshay Nasa India 670,000
9 Curtis Siew Jian Lim Singapore 669,000
10 Jhon Hendri Indonesia 668,000

Kanchan Sharma Bows Out Before The Queens At The 63rd Place

Kanchan Sharma has bowed out at the 63rd spot taking home a sum of VND 55,000,000 (₹2,17,822). Sharma and Takumasa Uemura both got their chips in pre-flop. Uemura had Queens and Sharma held A Q .

The board brought T 3 8 4 T , ending Sharma’s tournament life. 

  • Sharma: A Q
  • Uemura: Q Q
  • Board: T 3 8 4 T

Romit Advani, Amrit Mishra Take Home The Min-Cash

After the bubble burst the remaining 87 players made it in the money, ensuring a min-cash of VND 55,000,000 (~USD 2,365). The event saw quick eliminations post the bubble, which saw Indian players Romit Advani and Amrit Mishra get eliminated.

Advani and Mishra finished 76th and 77th, respectively and pocketed VND 55,000,000 (₹1,92,931).

Shuchi Chamaria Bows Out Of The ME

Indian female pro Shuchi Chamaria made an all-in call with queens against chip leader Van Sang Nguyen’s all-in with A K . The board had K 7 6 J 9 , giving the Vietnamese a higher pair to eliminate Chamaria. 

  • Chamaria: Q Q
  • Nguyen: A K
  • Board: K 7 6 J 9

Registrations Ended, Final Table Payouts Announced

The registrations for Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event have ended and the event has recorded a total of 581 entries across four starting flights and Day 2. The event has managed to generate a prize pool of VND 17,752,455,000 (~$759,340).

Check out the payouts for the final table:

Position Prize (VND) Prize (~USD)
1 3,401,355,000 145,500
2 2,116,100,000 90,510
3 1,514,300,000 64,820
4 1,171,700,000 50,160
5 923,100,000 39,515
6 722,500,000 30,930
7 534,300,000 22,870
8 367,500,000 15,730
9 289,400,000 12,385

Gokul Raj Waves Goodbye To The ME

Indian pro Gokul Raj was eliminated in a three-way all-in pot between Evgenii Nekrasov, Yong Chua and himself. All three players got their stacks in the middle of the table pre-flop, with the Chua having the biggest stack. 

Nekrasov flipped Fish Hooks, Raj had Snowmen as Chua held A K . Raj being the shortest stack needed an 8 on the board to stay alive. The flop brought 7 A 3 giving the highest stack a top pair. 

On seeing the 5 on the turn, Nekrasov began walking away from the table while Raj too began preparing to leave. The river brought J , awarding the pot to Nekrasov who ran back to the table after hearing his table mates scream. Raj’s tournament life came to an end. 

  • Raj: 8 8
  • Nekrasov: J J
  • Chua: A K
  • Board: 7 A 3 5 J  

Day 2 Of APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Underway!

Day 2 of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event has begun with a total of 238 players qualifying from four starting flights. The four flights recorded a total of 541 entries. The registrations for the Main Event are still open on Day 2, so the numbers would increase. 

The players who qualified with more than one stack had to abide by APT’s ‘best stack forward’ policy wherein the smaller stack is forfeited. South Korea’s Gab Yong Kim is leading the way with the highest stack of 416,300 that he brought from Flight A. 

A total of 19 Indians have made it to Day 2. Check out the Indians who made it to Day 2:

Name Chips
Kanchan Sharma 206,300
Kunal Patni 193,100
Alok Birewar 172,000
Amrit Mishra 162,000
Zarvan Tumboli 131,300
Gokul Raj 127,700
Akshay Nasa 115,700
Vinayak Bajaj 111,600
Himanshu Chhikara 95,600
Romit Advani 85,700
Jasven Saigal 70,200
Laksh Pal Singh 63,200
Avneesh Munjal 53,500
Dhaval Mudgal 49,100
Nishant Sharma 45,400
Raju J 39,300
Amit Tejura 22,300
Sumit Sapra 20,100
Harsh Buban 12,900

The Stage Is Set For The Final Two Flights!

The tables are set once again at the Grand Loyal Poker Club in Hanoi. Flight 1C and Flight 1D of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Series Hanoi 2023 has begun, and players are ready to try their hands one last time to get a shot at the Main Event title. 

The final two flights of the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event will play out today. Flight 1C kicks off at 12 PM, while Flight D begins at 6 PM. Today, the levels will last for 30-minutes each. Each player gets a starting stack of 40,000 chips for their VND 35,000,000 buy-in. 

So far 140 players have already secured a place in Day 2 from Flight 1A and Flight 1B. Stay tuned for all the updates from the final two flights.

Day 1B Concludes; India’s Kunal Patni Among The Top 10 Stacks

Flight 1B of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Series Hanoi 2023 has concluded with 202 entries. Out of these, 91 players have managed to bag up into Day 2. Among them are 11 Indians, with Kunal Patni among the top 10 stacks.

Postition Name Country Chips
1 Leo Kamiya Australia 295,000
2 Viet Van Nguyen Vietnam 257,200
3 Hsien Ren Koh Malaysia 239,700
4 Fedor Dedelov Russia 212,700
5 Quang Huy Dinh Vietnam 205,500
6 Wan Hung Hong Kong 203,200
7 Kunal Patni India 193,100
8 Van Trung Nguyen Vietnam 186,800
9 Yun Zhang China 182,000
10 Bini Yoo South Korea 171,500

Other Indians who have qualified are Amrit Chandra (162,000), Zarvan Tumboli (131,300), Gokul Raj (127,700), Vinayak Bajaj (111,600), Romit Advani (85,700), Laksh Pal Singh (63,200), Avneesh Munjal (53,500), Dhaval Mudgal (49,100), J Raju (39,300), and Amit Tejura (22,300). 

Avneesh Munjal Extends His Tournament Life

India’s Avneesh Munjal pushed all of his chips pre-flop and found a caller in Chun Kit Ho. Munjal showed A 4 , while Ho had 9 9

The flop of T 2 A came as a relief to Munjal. The 8 was a threat as Ho now sat with a flush draw. However, 2 on the river saved Munjal’s tournament life as he got a much-needed double-up. 

  • Munjal: A 4
  • Ho: 9 9
  • Board: T 2 A came as a relief to Munjal. The 8  

Romit Advani Doubles Up

Romit Advani, who is on the same table as Zarvan Tumboli, found a double-up via Pham Ngoc Quoc Bao. Both the players found a T pair on the 9 6 T Q J board. However, Advani’s A kicker gave him a double up.

  • Advani: A T
  • Bao: 7 7
  • Board: 9 6 T Q J

Zarvan Tumboli In The House

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli has joined Flight 1B of the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event. Just yesterday, Tumboli cashed at the 12th place at WPT Prime Vietnam 2023 High Roller event. 

Besides, he has two APT titles to his name, which he won on two consecutive days last year in Hanoi itself.

Vinayak Bajaj Applies Pressure On Dhaval Mudgal

Dhaval Mudgal bet 3,500 on the 2 7 7 flop and found a caller in Vinayak Bajaj. The turn brought 5 and both the players checked. On seeing the 3 on the river, Bajaj made a large bet of 17,500. Mudgal tanked for about a minute and eventually gave in to the pressure and decided to fold. 

Abhinav Iyer Survives Against Kunal Patni

India’s first solo World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer, pushed his last 3,200 in the middle after Wei-Chen Liu opened to 1,000. Iyer found a caller in Kunal Patni, who decided to go all-in, which led to Liu fold. 

Iyer flipped K J , Patni showed A Q . The board brought T 4 6 5 J , and Iyer survived on the river. Patni lost a few chips but still sat with a decent stack of around 55,000.

  • Patni: A Q
  • Iyer: K J
  • Board: T 4 6 5 J

Mohit Bohra Triumphs Over A Three-Way Pot

Mohit Bohra with K T , Shankui Li with J 9 and Quang Huy Nguyen with T T had all pushed their stacks on to the table in a three-way all-in pot on the 9 Q J flop. 

The turn and river opened to 2 and 5 , respectively, holding Bohra’s straight. Nguyen had the two players covered and hence was saved, whereas Li succumbed and was eliminated from the race. 

  • Bohra: K T
  • Nguyen: T T
  • Li: J 9
  • Board: 9 Q J 2 5

Kunal Patni Joins The Flight

Indian poker pro Kunal Patni has marked his attendance at Flight 1B of the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event. Patni, who boasts of APT titles to his name, has been super successful in Hanoi, with both his SPT titles coming in the city. 

Main Event Day 1B Starts!

Flight 1B of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Series Hanoi 2023 has kick-started at the Grand Royal Poker Club, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Flight Day 1A, which was held yesterday, recorded 143 entries, out of which the top 49 players progressed to Day 2. South Korean professional Kim Gab Yong is currently leading after Flight 1A. Players can play this second flight, 1B, by paying a buy-in of VND 35,000,000 for a starting stack of 40,000 chips.

Kanchan Sharma, Alok Birewar Bag Among The Top 10 Stacks

Flight 1A of the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 has ended with 49 of the 143 entries bagging and tagging. From among those who advanced to Day 2, two Indians are among the top 10 stacks. India’s female poker pro Kanchan Sharma has bagged the seventh highest stack of 206,300 chips, while Alok Birewar has the ninth highest stack of 172,000.

Position Name Country Chips
1 Gab Yong Kim South Korea 416,300
2 Yingrui Ge South Korea 308,600
3 Do Tien Vu Vietnam 265,800
4 Alex Lindop United Kingdom 237,000
5 Daniel James Francis New Zealand 229,100
6 Quan Qiu China 222,000
7 Kanchan Sharma India 206,300
8 Ryutaro Yamamoto Japan 182,900
9 Alok Pradip Birewar India 172,000
10 Yurina Omuro Japan       168,000

We are yet to receive more details about which other Indians progressed to Day 2, so stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine.

Set Vs. Set And Sharma Vs. Sharma

Two Indian pros were up against each other in an interesting Sharma vs. Sharma battle. It was Gamezy Poker pro Nishant Sharma against India’s female pro Kanchan Sharma.

Nishant raised from early position and Kanchan defended her big blind. The Flop was 4  3  2 . Nishant c-bet, and Kanchan check-raised. The turn came to 8 and both the players went all-in. Kanchan had pocket fours, while Nishant had deuces. Kanchan doubled up in the set vs set battle. 

Kanchan tabled 4♣ 4♦ while Nishant had 2♣ 2♠.

The lady known as “Thandicoke” doubled-up to almost 200,000 with that set over set victory.

  • Kanchan: 4 4
  • Nishant: 2 2
  • Board: 4 3 2 8 Xx

Alok Birewar Chipping Up

India’s poker pro Alok Birewar is gradually chipping up. He stopped a big three-way all-in pot. Birewar with pocket fours flopped a set on the board of 4 6 9 8 3 . Leiguang Li with J  J  and Thanh Phat Nguyen A  A were also all-in.

Birewar scooped a big pot, and Nguyen was eliminated.

  • Birewar: 4 4
  • Li: J  J
  • Nguyen: A  A
  • Board: 4 6 9 8 3

Aditya Agarwal And Shuchi Chamaria In The House

Level: 7, Blinds: 400-800, Ante 800

India’s poker veteran Aditya Agarwal has entered flight Day 1A of the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 post dinner. His better half and poker pro Shuchi Chamaria has also entered the room and is playing one of the satellite events. 

85 Players Left At Dinner Break

Level: 7, Blinds: 400-800, Ante 800 

The players have returned after an hour-long dinner break. There are 85 players left in the field, and the APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 Main Event Flight 1A has recorded 126 entries so far. The registration will remain open throughout the day and will end when play begins at the start of Day 2.

Whose Boat Can Sail Away?

Robert Kiss shoved his stack all in on the river holding A K , while Singapore’s Calvin Tan had A 9 . The board of K 6 A A 9 . Both the players got a full house, however, Tan’s lower boat sank against Kiss’ higher boat.

  • Kiss: A K
  • Tan: A 9
  • Board: K 6 A A 9

APT Summer Series Hanoi Main Event Day 1 Underway!

The Main Event at the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Series, Hanoi has officially kick-started, with the first flight currently underway at the Crown Poker Club in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The massive APT Main Event features a buy-in of VND 35,000,000 for a guarantee of VND 12,000,000,000. Featuring four starting flights, the registration will remain open throughout the day and will end at the start of Day 2.

Every player gets a starting stack of 40,000 chips for their buy-in amount. The event will have 60-minute levels each.

For more news and updates, keep reading Gutshot Magazine or follow us on our social media handles. We are present on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Telegram.

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Place Winner Name Prize
1 Dinh Duc Linh $145,500
2 Akshay Nasa $90,510
3 Takumasa Uemura $64,820
4 Nguyen Duc Cuong $50,160
5 Jongwook Kim $39,515
6 Nguyen Van Sang $30,930
7 Chun Chieh Liu $22,870
8 Emmanuel Derecho $15,730
9 Jeongho Hwang $12,385
10 Thi Xoa Nguyen $10,180
11 Peter Kiem $10,180
12 Victor Em $8,500
13 Curtis Lim $8,500
14 Quan Qiu $7,450
15 Xizhen Huang $7,450
16 Daiki Shingae $6,690
17 Lok Ching Li $6,690
18 Manoe Betrix $5,898
19 Ryutaro Yamamoto $5,898
20 Alex Lindop $5,898
21 Yimeng Wang $5,140
22 Kunal Patni $5,140
23 Julian Andrew Warhurst $5,140
24 Dennis Koon $4,458
25 Adrien Tantaro $4,458
26 Ngo Van Dat $4,458
27 Nguyen Anh Minh $4,458
28 Jhon Hendri $3,853
29 Doan Quang Trung $3,853
30 Ta Nhat Vu $3,853
31 Shota Shimohara $3,853
32 Kang Chen $3,402
33 Duc Trung Vu $3,402
34 Eric Darell Wasylenko $3,402
35 Nguyen Vu Ha $3,402
36 Mohit Bohra $3,402
37 Gia Lam Nguyen $3,402
38 Sean Chung Howe Tan $3,402
39 Calvin Seet Pin Tan $3,402
40 Phan Hung Cuong $2,946
41 Van Phu Nguyen $2,946
42 Tran Van Tai $2,946
43 Yong Kwee Chua $2,946
44 Ian Lee Tse $2,946
45 Leo Kamiya $2,946
46 Linh Duong Ngo $2,946
47 Ha Van Thien $2,946
48 Stephen Nathan $2,946
49 Robert Kiss $2,946
50 Trung Hieu Nguyen $2,946
51 Le Viet Hung $2,946
52 Koichi Aki $2,946
53 Yucheng Xiao $2,946
54 Quang Huy Dinh $2,946
55 Daniel James Francis $2,946
56 Le Van Dien $2,644
57 Jin Long Hu $2,644
58 Peng Yang $2,644
59 Chen Ruiqi $2,644
60 Andy Xueyan Li $2,644
61 Lester Yong Xiang Wee $2,644
62 Satoshi Kuriga $2,644
63 Kanchan Sharma $2,644
64 Yasuyuki Tsuji $2,644
65 Junichi Nakagiri $2,644
66 Bini Yoo $2,644
67 Tan Luan Le $2,644
68 Paul Elliott $2,644
69 Bertrand Grospellier $2,644
70 Shung Er Sua $2,644
71 Evgenii Nekrasov $2,644
72 Nguyen Van Trung $2,342
73 Jun Rong Zhao $2,342
74 Do Tien Vu $2,342
75 Yurina Omuro $2,342
76 Romit Advani $2,342
77 Amrit Mishra $2,342
78 Vu Tuan Khanh Truong $2,342
79 Euiseok Yang $2,342
80 Huynh Ngoc Cuong $2,342
81 Hyunkyou Park $2,342
82 Youngwoo Kim $2,342
83 Grant Gardner $2,342
84 Evgenii Katymaev $2,342
85 Thibaut Blondel $2,342
86 Weng Chih Chan $2,342
87 Wei-Chen Liu $2,342

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