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Poker players can now use Skrill for crypto trading Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 02 Aug, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 02 Aug, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 02 Aug, 2018

Poker players can now use Skrill for crypto trading

It’s understandable if you didn’t know what crypto-currencies were, a couple of years back. However, with the recent headlines they’ve been making in the last 12-18 months, it’s safe to say that you’ve been living in a shell if you don’t know about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

Let’s just say that these digital currencies have started being widely used around the world on the internet, especially for gaming and gambling purposes online. Online crypto poker rooms have grown in popularity in the last 6-12 months, with several poker players, particularly the likes of Doug Polk and Jason Lee, preferring to use these volatile currencies.

When it comes to playing online and storing money online, Skrill is one name you can’t miss. This is an online wallet or online money-storage facility, which has now decided to expand its services. Skrill has now announced the inclusion of investment opportunities for its users.

With a fairly simple process, Skrill has announced that users will be able to trade crypto-currencies at the click of a button. Skrill is already being widely used by regular online poker players and this move should be welcomed with arms open wide by the global poker community.

The announcement mentioned that the crypto-currencies that the users can currently trade in are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. The processing fees that Skrill will charge for USD to BTC payments will be 1.5%, while deposits to Skrill using BTC will charge a fee of 1%.

Currently, the platform doesn’t allow the option to transferring BTC from one Skrill account to another or to transact with merchants using these crypto-currencies. However, these are features that are expected to roll out in the future. Lorenzo Pellegrino, Skrill CEO, commented on this update. He said:

“The world of cryptocurrency trading is exciting and dynamic, and our digital wallet service very much lends itself to this environment. I’m confident that the ability to trade in cryptocurrencies quickly and easily through Skrill will appeal to consumers both now and in the future. We know many people want to experiment with cryptocurrency trading but don’t know where to start and we’ve made the entire process very straightforward.”

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