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Posted on 16 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 16 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 16 Apr, 2023

Paawan Bansal, Goonjan Mall Busted By Vineet Kumar

The day witnesses some early and quick bustouts. Among them were pros Paawan Bansal and Goonjan Mall, both of whom were eliminated by WPT Prime India 2023 PLO winner Vineet Kumar just a few minutes apart.

First, it was Bansal who shoved all-in with AJ from the middle position, to find a caller in Kumar from the UTG. Kumar flipped AQ to send Bansal away at the 93rd place on the board of 6A552. Bansal cashed a pay cheque of ₹1,10,000. 

  • Bansal: AJ
  • Kumar: AQ
  • Board: 6A552

A few moments later, Kumar raised to 50K from the button, and Mall called. On seeing the flop of 3 T ♣ T , Kumar shoved all-in with AJs and Mall made the all-in call with A3. The turn and river brought 4   and J ♠ sending off Mall at the 87th place with a prize amount of ₹1,19,000. 

  • Mall: A ♠ 3 
  • Kumar: A J
  • Board: 3 T ♣ T 4   J ♠ 


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