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MGM Resorts will soon have robot bartenders and cashiersMGM Resorts will soon have robot bartenders and cashiers Gambling
Team Gutshot
Posted on 08 Mar, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 08 Mar, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 08 Mar, 2019

MGM Resorts will soon have robot bartenders and cashiers

The iconic MGM Resorts in Las Vegas has recently announced in a post that they will replace some of the existing human employees at the casino with robots very soon. The company has already received much backlash from the employees within a day of making the announcement.

MGM Resorts has taken this decision in an effort to cut back on overhead costs. Among the first employees that could be replaced, the company says, are bartenders and cashiers. Current bartending methods will be replaced by automated machines that can pour, mix and do a bunch of other things with drinks.

Although the company hasn’t indicated how many positions will be affected, the existing cashiers are also expected to be replaced by their automatic counterparts. The new robot cashiers will receive customer payments and eliminate the need to hire humans for the job.

Automation is a boon or a curse depending on if you’re an employee being affected by this or an employer wanting to maximise profits. However, it will increase output, efficiency and completely throw human-induced errors out of the equation, which no one can deny.

Talking about currently used automation in poker, a lot of high-end poker tables feature two in-built shuffling machines with two decks in it. The dealer deals one shuffled deck for one hand while the other one is being shuffled. The second shuffled deck is used for the next hand and the previous deck is gathered for another reshuffle in one of the machines.

Coming to the MGM announcement, the move is not sitting well with the employees’ union for two reasons. One for the obvious fact of joblessness and second because the employees made a new labour agreement deal with MGM last summer which goes against this move.

MGM though, is bent on improving its bottom line and among the measures it will take is automating redundant and less skilful jobs which even a robot could do. MGM’s CEO Jim Murren unveiled a new ‘MGM 2020’ action-plan at the beginning of 2019 which includes reduction of workforce by around 2,100 positions over the course of next 12 months. The plan is described as a ‘company-wide, business-optimization initiative aimed to leverage a more centralized organization to maximize profitability and, through key investments in technology, lay the groundwork for the company’s digital transformation to drive revenue growth.

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