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Goalless Poker Poker
Posted on 23 Jun, 2018
By Gutshot
On 23 Jun, 2018
By Gutshot
On 23 Jun, 2018

Goalless Poker

To achieve something in life, it is important to set goals. There are various books about achieving goals, highlighting the importance of the process, describing the best practices and common mistakes.

Recipe for success

To achieve success in poker it is important to set goals. Without having any goals, you can’t achieve what you want in life or in poker. To attain success, we have to compromise on our present temptation and work hard rather than scrolling the Facebook feed. It is also important to plan your future, decide your goal and be hardworking.

To be a good poker player, you have to give up on your present temptation and work on your game. You should do more research and practice as much as extremely difficult to resist the temptation to scroll through Facebook because practice makes a man perfect.


Unfortunately, most of us forget that changing our orientation from present to the future is not a simple matter of flipping the switch; self-awareness and mindfulness are vital parts of the process.

Danger of Goal setting

We as a whole know the familiar saying about climbing the stepping stool that is inclining toward a wrong divider, which focuses on the significance of objective setting. Sadly, the previously mentioned quote neglects to pass on the way that we have dividers galore and finding the right one to lean our own particular stepping stool against it isn’t so much that basic. There are heaps of mix-ups we can make when settling on the objectives that we need to seek after.

Goalless Poker

How would you be a successful poker player without setting goals? By focusing on what’s important and by developing good long-lasting habits through them. The initial step that you should take is to set up some fundamental goals. Consider how your days look like and how to advance them for poker. For instance, in case you’re working all day, rather than framing some amazing thought regarding stopping and turning into a full-time poker master inside a year, make it your propensity to spend the two hours of spare time each night on granulating and see where it gets you. Poker is a stressful game and there’s no point of adding unnecessary stress to your life.

Achievement is normally a matter of little, restrained and quantifiable advance over a drawn out stretch of time.

This doesn’t sound extremely marvelous, yet in the event that you focus on two hours of night crush no matter what happens, you’re probably going to accomplish significantly more than individuals who take delight from shaping and picturing their objectives however can’t finish the important work.

Rather than beginning with recording the coveted end of your voyage and making sense of the means important to get you to that goal, you should center on the means and make sense of if the thing they are driving you to be the one that you want. Build up a propensity for recording the measure of work you did toward the day’s end and help your mindfulness by occasionally outlining your exertion and results. Focus on little quantifiable improvements that you can make on everyday schedule.

Road less travelled

Poker is a game that tends to reward those who take the road less travelled.For the same reason why some people have no problem playing twelve plus tables at a time, some can only focus on four and most play six to ten even though they would benefit from cutting that number down by two or more.

It’s hard to figure out what’s the optimal approach for us if we don’t experiment and shifting your focus from being goal-oriented to being habit-oriented might be exactly what you need to take your poker to the next level. When the entire table is playing tight, it usually pays to start playing loose.


To make your game better, it is always advised to set up a goal and pen it down. Sometimes we get tempted with temporary desires and forget about our goal and lose track of the game. But sometimes making a plan can be dangerous. So do what suits you, and practice as much as you can. Poker is a stressful game and it requires a lot practice. Poker is a game that tends to reward those who take the road less travelled.

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