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Fusion is PokerStars' latest innovation attempt Poker
Gutshot Admin
Posted on 07 Nov, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 07 Nov, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 07 Nov, 2018

Fusion is PokerStars’ latest innovation attempt

Like you must be knowing, innovation is key to staying ahead of competition and that’s why PokerStars has been one of the biggest poker brands across the world since years now. They’re always trying and testing new formats, versions of the game and always introducing new tournaments, series, and other promotions.

Their more recent attempt at innovation was ‘Fusion’, which was spotted on their client and reported by Gutshot as early as May this year. It was a work-in-progress and was initially held back so that the other variation called ‘Unfold’ could take center stage. However, Fusion is finally set to make its PokerStars debut now.

What is PokerStars Fusion, you must be wondering? Well, the company knew that Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are the two most popular variants of poker around the world, so they decided to go ahead and fuse the two into a game called Fusion, and we’ve to wait and see how popular this one can get.

How is it played?

Well, the game will be 6-Max and begins as a traditional hold’em game, with each player receiving two cards and a normal round of betting follows until the flop opens. Here’s where the game morphs slightly into PLO, with every player receiving a third card after the flop, and each player left after the turn receiving a fourth card as well, turning the game into a classic PLO one.

From there on, it’s pretty much normal PLO, with players having to make the best 5-card hand using only two of their own. “Every street adds a layer of super-charged theory. Every new hole card multiplies the possibilities,” said Stephen Bartley on the PokerStars Blog.

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