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Devang Yadav takes down BPT MegaStack for INR 12.65 Lakhs! Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 15 Jan, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 15 Jan, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 15 Jan, 2020

Devang Yadav takes down BPT MegaStack for INR 12.65 Lakhs!

And the thrill stops right here. The seven-day long marathon, the 2020 Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) was jam-packed with the poker aficionados. Running alongside the INR 35k Main Event was the MegaStack which promised INR 50 Lakhs GTD! And this two-day affair was eventually taken down by Devang Yadav who rode past the field, defeating Sanchit Pande in heads-up.

The tournament dragged 223 entries, easily surpassing the guarantee and finally displaying a prize pool of INR 52.40 Lakhs. Minimum cash of INR 50,300 was assured to the top 24 places after Manish Lakhotia became the bubble boy of the tournament, being eliminated in the 25th place. Day 2 resumed with Devang Yadav leading 15 players after building a towering stack 907,000.

Raghav Bansal was the first casualty, settling in 15th place for INR 76,000 followed by Bhanu Prakash in the 13th place for INR 76,000. Sahil Mahboobani tracked them to rest in the 14th position for INR 76,000. It was Jairam Parab to bubble the final table in 9th place for INR 1.26 Lakhs. Yadav maintained his massive chip stack and being the only player to have a 7-digit chip stack.

The first one to head out of the final table was Kavish Kukreja who couldn’t dominate Vishal Bajaj’s straight and slipped out in the 8th place. Following his tail was Apoorva Goel securing INR 2.10 Lakhs and another quick elimination was Vivek Rughani who couldn’t stand Arjun Pasricha’s pocket queens.

Eventually, the tournament reached heads-up play and Pande had a stack of 1.63 million against Yadav’s 3.94 million. Gradually, the final hand saw the latter holding Ah Qd and the former with Ac 6c. The board ran Ks 9c 5c 7s 9d and that’s when Yadav tossed over his cards, showing pair of Nine with Queen kicker and taking down the BPT MegaStack title boosting his bankroll to INR 12.65 Lakhs!

After his recent victory, Yadav added, “I had the final table chip lead in the BPTO High Roller and ended up shipping it. At the BPT Live, I had fired a couple of bullets in the Main Event, one bullet in High Roller. Everything was covered in satellite winnings,” he further expressed, “Feels great! Feels great to finally get my second trophy. Two titles in a week…insane! My mother is so happy for me, my young brother is so happy. The champion who is mostly known for his online victories appeared in the previous edition of BPT Main Event in Goa where he finished 11th which was so far his career-best INR 3.81 Lakhs.

“I used to grind cash games at the stakes of 50/100, 100/200 for a year. From the last two years, I have moved to MTT. I have had good people around me – Akshay Nasa, Sajal Gupta, Sahil Chuttani, Raghav Bansal. They have been my mentors.”

Final table payouts:

  1. Devang Yadav – INR 12,65,500
  2. Sanchit Pande – INR 8,87,200
  3. Arjun Pasricha – INR 5,70,200
  4. Vishal Bajaj – INR 4,22,400
  5. Harsh Bubna – INR 3,17,100
  6. Vivek Rughani – INR 2,53,600
  7. Apoorva Goel – INR 2,10,700
  8. Kavish Kukreja – INR 1,68,700

For more updates on the Baazi Poker Tour and other tournaments from around the world, stay tuned to GutshotMagazine.com.

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Image courtesy: PokerGuru

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