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Cheating Prop Wednesday - Lenses That Let You See Others Cards! Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 02 Dec, 2020
By Manthra Koliyer
On 02 Dec, 2020
By Manthra Koliyer
On 02 Dec, 2020

Cheating Wednesdays – Lenses That Let You See Others Cards!

What are poker cheating props? Where do you get them? Do people use them? Last week we wrote about how Deepika Padukone used cheating sunglasses to win against the opponent in the film Bollywood film Race2. We are back with a few suggestions you could look at even if you wish to cheat or not cheat. 

By cheating props we refer to UV Sunglasses, sneaky contact lenses, magic casino dice, poker analysis software and much more. These props are widely available on certain shady websites. I wouldn’t want to call them shady as some people swear by these props. To begin with, lets get started with sneaky contact lenses:

A website known by the name cheatpoker.com sells a pair of cheating lenses for just $50 to $100. They serve the purpose of helping you look into others cards in a very efficient manner as their lenses helps you see what is printed right from the backside of the card. But do you want to know if a player has actually used such contact lenses in the past?

Yes, they have. Here’s a story about three musketeers that tried their hand at cheating in a casino in 2011. A (then) 56 year old Italian man codenamed ‘Parmesan’ won 70,000 euros in poker winnings in a single day and won another 21,000 in another visit. Parmesan used two of his friends who were casino employees to help him win the amount. The two employees marked the cards with invisible ink, used infrared contact lenses and earned this much cash. 

Later, casino employees and security sniffed something fishy. The security found his behavior strange as he won very easily and he folded twice when he had an excellent hand, behaving like he knew the croupier’s cards. Parmesan was caught by the security and prisoned for two years with a heavy fine of $100,000. 

Parmesan picked up those sneaky contact lenses for 2,000 euros from a Chinese company to read his competitors’ hands. The police must have surely grated Parmesan and taught him a good lesson. His was surely a cautionary tale! Gutshot has found out the real name of Parmesan but for no reason at all we have chosen to keep it a secret. Please keep reading GutshotMagazine.com to read more about cheating props and real life stories! 

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