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Amit Sahu and Shawn Chatterton Poker
GS Admin
Posted on 12 May, 2019
By GS Admin
On 12 May, 2019
By GS Admin
On 12 May, 2019

Amit Sahu, Shawn Chatterton among winners on SSS Day 4

The Spartan Super Series (SSS) Gold Edition was scheduled between 8-12 May 2019 and yesterday, we concluded Day 4 of the series with plenty of winners being declared and many walking away much richer than before. One tournament (Event #29) was cancelled during the day while the rest took place as per schedule. Saturday Social was the highlight tournament of the day while quite a few side events were also hosted, with the winners including Amit Sahu and Shawn Chatterton, among other anonymous winners. Keep reading for a complete summary of SSS Day 4 on Spartan Poker

SSS Event #25 INR 25k GTD

The buy-in to the first tournament of SSS Day 4 was set at INR 55 only, where 219 players plus re-buys comprised the field where the top 31 players were awarded cash prizes of a minimum of INR 220 each. Eventually, it was ‘Drifter2’ who outlasted the field to emerge as champion, taking away INR 5,288 as first-place cash prize. He beat ‘Straightflush1984’ in heads-up who received INR 3,560 as runner-up cash prize. The last hand saw a pair of Aces triumphing over a pair of Kings.

SSS Event #26 INR 40k GTD

The buy-in was passed ever so slightly as 180 entries joined this tournament which had a buy-in of INR 165. The knockout format meant there was no coming back once you’re gone which brings out a lot of skill in players. Here, the top 26 spots were paid a min-cash of INR 410 and from them, the player who shipped the title was ‘yUDdam’ who won INR 9,082 for topping the field. In heads-up, he beat ‘allinle’ who walked away with INR 6,130 for finishing second.

SSS Event #27 INR 3 Lakh GTD

This tournament had a slightly higher buy-in of INR 1,100 and by the end of the registration period, a total field of 166 entries + re-buys meant the guarantee was passed slightly, allowing the top 23 players to be paid out a min-cash of INR 3,503. The eventual winner ‘Tokio999’ took home INR 70,215 for his tournament victory after beating Ashish Kaushik aka ‘mmonas’ in heads-up, the latter having already won two titles this series. Kaushik took away INR 47,565 as runner-up cash prize after his opponent hit Three of a Kind Sevens in the final hand.

SSS Event #28 INR 2 Lakh GTD

Amit Kumar Sahu has won a few titles online in the past and yesterday, he added another feather to his cap by shipping this SSS tournament, which was the 4th of the day. Playing as ‘NutsLagGaye’, Sahu won the top prize of INR 42,617 after he beat the field of 218 entries plus re-buys. The guarantee was passed, and the top 31 places were paid again, this time with a min-cash of INR 1,773. He beat ‘WWXYZ’ in heads-up, who won the runner-up prize of INR 28,694.

SSS Event #30 Saturday Social INR 10 Lakh GTD

This was the featured tournament of the day and naturally, it had a bigger buy-in of INR 3,300. A field of 187 entries + re-buys joined the tournament and eventually, the prize pool was shared among the top 27 places with the min-cash being triple the buy-in – INR 10,000. It was ‘Fish4Life’ who ended as victor after beating ‘ONmyMAC’ in heads-up, with the latter enjoying a brilliant run in the last couple of weeks. The final hand was a PFAI situation where Fish4Life’s Tc Ks hit two more Kings on the board to seal victory and INR 2,21,500 in prize money. The runner-up won INR 1,49,500 for his impressive run.

SSS Event #31 Hi-Fi INR 4 Lakh GTD

This is a popular tournament hosted on Spartan Poker each night with a buy-in of INR 1,650 and once again, the guarantee was passed with 189 entries + re-buys joining the tournament. The increased prize pool allowed the top 27 players to share the spoils with a min-cash of INR 4,575. The winner turned out to be Shawn Chatterton aka ‘N00b N00b’ who pocketed the top prize of INR 1,01,336, after beating ‘criminal’ in heads-up, the latter banking INR 68,396 as runner-up prize. The final hand saw both players nearly similarly stacked and after playing to the river, the players shoved and a Ten-pair beat criminal’s Eight-pair.

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