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4 Tips to Help You Win More at the Online Poker Tables Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 26 Mar, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 26 Mar, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 26 Mar, 2018

4 Tips to Help You Win More at the Online Poker Tables

The action at online poker tables particularly never seems to stop. It tends to heat up each time you get close to winning big. Many casual players spend their off-time playing online poker tournaments, but for professionals, it’s always a live or die situation. This article is meant only for beginners. For pros, if you can pick up a thing or two from this, be our guest.

That said, many people – including the good players – sometimes struggle when faced with a situation where they can’t seem to beat their opponents. So let us suggest some specific tips which can increase your chances of success in such situations.

  1. Get involved in as many pots as possible

It has always been advisable to only play strong hands, but in some situations it can be a good idea to open up your game a little bit more. The more often you are involved in hands, the better your chances are of winning a big pot.

Now, while you definitely want to continue playing mostly strong hands, you should be more willing to get involved in pots that include all sorts of hands that have great potential. Try and get involved in as many pots as possible..

  1. Isolate the competitors

Something else you should be doing is isolating the competitors. Raise with a wide range. You should do this with all your strong hands but also with weaker hands. In simple words, Bluff!

The advantage of this strategy is that you’ll often get the pot against them. This will give you the chance to outplay them and ultimately win a big pot.

  1. Avoid slow playing your big hands

We all know that big hands are hard to come by in poker and that is why it is important that you win the maximum with them every time they come around. The best way to do this against the loose players is just to go ahead and bet them every time. The reason why this works, is because these players love to call every time they have a pair, and sometimes even with a high card. To top it off, they will be even more likely to call you down since you’ve been isolating them and because they will think that you are bluffing.

When you finally hit your big hand against the these players it is extremely important to make sure that you always go right ahead and start betting strong. This is not the time to slow play. Charge them the maximum and get all their chips.

  1. Patience

Sometimes you’ll face players that like to fight back, and sometimes, you’ll face really wild players that like to bluff a lot! It is essential to remain patient in these situations. As difficult as it might seem in the moment, understand that you don’t need to win every little pot in order to turn a profit against these players. Don’t worry if they bluff you a few times. The key thing to focus on is making sure that you win the big pots that actually matter.


Never commit large portions of your bankroll to the pot without a good hand. Have fun, be gracious and treat your opponents with respect. And always remember, you can’t fight the math in poker!

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