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3 Absolutely Fun Games to Sharpen Your Mind Gaming
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 09 Sep, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 09 Sep, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 09 Sep, 2018

3 Absolutely Fun Games to Sharpen Your Mind

For life to be fun or fun to benefit us, we don’t really need reasons. While you have planned another upcoming 20 years of your life including your son’s IIT education or daughter’s Medical entrance exams and your retirement plans, don’t forget to include a few fun induced activities to help your younger ones spend quality time with you while learning and developing their brains.

The games that we are going to suggest you ahead are the perfect source of entertainment and refreshment to you and your family, most of these games we formulated in the ancient times to help build relations with different nations while showcasing power and political strength to the opponents to prevent any potential harm caused by them.

Chess – We are well aware of the legendary game played amidst the black and white checks, but, rarely are we aware of the fact that the game is speculated to be originating from India before the 6th Century AD and was the most favoured game among the Kings, Queens and the royals of the nation. Playing Chess sparks your creativity sub-consciously. Spending an hour on the Chess board actively will help boost the growth of both sides of your brain in the right order and raises your IQ level which is the most vital concern during the initial years of a child’s brain development. Along with helping build psychological aspects of a human’s personality, Chess is also said to have physiological benefits as well like preventing from Alzheimer’s and help recover from stroke or disability as it exercises both parts of the brain in the right proportion.

Poker – Poker as a game gives huge opportunities for a person to help develop his interpersonal skills while making money! Poker is proven to have helped people develop mind reading skills since it involves playing mind games. Apart from mind reading, Poker allows you to be a better judge of the situation with strong analytical behaviour and a quick adaptability to changes. If you haven’t been very good at Math, let Poker help you develop a knack for Math and also Logical Reasoning which many people are poor at. It improves concentration and inculcates good study habits by sharpening your multitasking skills while you deal with situations and people at the same time. Poker is known to be a table game which could be played both, online and offline hence it also gives you a hand in building corporate and personal relationships.

While dealing with the cards amidst victory and triumphs, Poker enables you to be on your own and make decisions that benefit you in the longer run. When it comes to advantages of playing Poker, it is not just limited to psychological improvements but also helps a person in his/ her personality development as a whole, which other game otherwise teaches you to be patient while you bet a huge chunk of money in speculation and fear of losing it or hopes of winning an insurmountable amount at times? Apart from the aforementioned personal benefits, Poker also helps you plan and organize, not taking conflicts personally, handling losses and it even goes as far as teaching you to recognize deceptive people and choosing your future battles wisely.

Video Games – Video games are said to be a source of mind rejuvenation and ‘addiction’, on the contrary to the popular belief that video games are only addictive in nature, we have a few facts that go in the favour of playing the game like, and Video games don’t just improve mental coordination but also ‘hand-eye’. Playing video games that involve driving or shooting are the proven sources of concentration and mind stimulation. Playing video games for a limited amount of time improves multitasking skills and speed of brain function. Most of the video games involve public interactions hence, they are a great way to improve your social skills.

Now that there is a list of fun games that will not only help you kill time or engage you in an entertainingly healthy habit but will also help you build a stronger persona, we hope that you adopt the habit of playing the given games and build the best version of yourself!

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