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What Does The Future Hold With The 28% GST On Online Gaming? Gaming
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 02 Aug, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 02 Aug, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 02 Aug, 2023

GST Council Verdict Is Out! 28% GST Decision On Online Gaming FINAL

On 11th July the GST Council headed by Nirmala Sitharaman raked up a storm by announcing the imposition of 28% GST on face value of online gaming, horse racing and casinos. This led to unrest in the entire gaming community. The 28% GST on the face value in online gaming is so burdensome for the industry that it could possibly even kill the online gaming industry. 

In an official statement, the Finance Minister said, “Our agenda is not to end any industry… all types of businesses have to function… There was discussion on the moral question that, on one front, you do not want to end an industry. But that does not mean that you give more incentives to them than essential goods… all states participated in this decision which has been pending for the last 2-3 years. We could take the decision because every state clearly participated in it.”

After facing opposition from the companies as well as investors, the GST Council decided to meet again to work on the issue. Likewise, the GST Council chaired by the Finance Minister will meet today, 2nd August 2023, to discuss the matter further and come to a resolution.

25% GST On Online Gaming Final Decision EXPLAINED!

GST Council: 28% GST To Be Levied On Face Value Of Deposits

7.33 PM – 28% GST On Face Value Upheld

The Finance Minister announced that the Council upholds the 28% GST on face value. Nirmala Sitharaman said, “Valuation of supply of online gaming and supply of actionable claims in casinos, the council recommended that the supply of online gaming and supply of actionable claims in casinos may be done based on the amount paid, or payable, or payable to, or deposited to the supplier on behalf of the player, excluding the amount entered into games, bets, out of winnings of previous games and bets, and not on the value of the bets placed.”


7.33 PM – 28% On GGR Is Not Feasible

7:25 PM – Council To Review After 6 Months of Implementation

7:25 PM – The New Amendment To Be Implemented from 1st October Tentatively

7:20 PM – States Express Their Views

The FM of Delhi asked the council to reconsider the 28% GST on face value. The representation from Goa and Sikkim expressed the need for the tax to be on the GGR and not face value. TN had apprehensions on online gaming. 

7:15 PM – Watch The Press Conference Live 

7:10 PM – Review After 3 Months?

As we await the official announcement from the GST Council, there are speculations on the internet that GST Council will review the tax implications in detail and take the decision in the next 3 months. Will this be true? 

7:00 PM – GST Council Meeting Ended

The GST Council’s meeting has ended. People awaiting Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to start the official press conference.

6:40 PM – Press Conference Delayed

The press briefing by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman which was scheduled to be held at 6.15 PM has been delayed. Meanwhile, people are eagerly awaiting the Council’s announcement on the 28% GST on Online Gaming.

5:50 PM – Press Conference At 6.15 PM

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will host a press conference at 6.15 PM to announce decisions of the GST Council Meeting held today.

5:31 PM – Law Committee Submits Draft

The Law Committee, which consists of the centre and state tax officers, have submitted a proposed draft. It states the rules for consideration of the GST Council with regard to the computation of supply value for tax purposes. The committee has suggested the introduction of a new rule. As per the new rule, the value of supply of online gaming would be the total amount deposited with the online gaming platforms by way of money or virtual digital assets by the player. As far as casinos are concerned, the committee has proposed that the supply value would be the amount paid by a player for the purchase of tokens, chips, coins or tickets.

What Does 28% GST On Face Value Mean?

The GST on face value meant that the companies involved in online gaming will have to pay taxes accounting to more than their revenues. In online games, the platforms often charge an entry fee from the user. From this entry fee, a certain amount is deducted by the operator as chargers to run the game, while the rest is accumulated into the prize pool. 

For example, an operator charges ₹100 as the entry fee, out of which ₹20 is deducted, and ₹80 is added to the prize pool. This ₹20 is the gross gaming revenue (GGR) or the brands. So far, the operators needed to pay a tax of 18% on GGR, which was ₹3.6. 

However, the new announcement stated that companies would have to pay 28% on face value, that is 28% on ₹100, which is ₹28. But that’s not all. Currently a TDS of 30% is already imposed on the final winnings of the user, which means the 28% GST on face value just adds to the tax burden of the players as well .

Meanwhile, #UnfairGST and ‘28% GST’ are trending on Twitter ever since the GST regulation was announced. Here is what the general public and influential people are saying about the government’s decision:

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