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Top 3 Rummy Books You Must Add To Your Collection Rummy
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 11 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 11 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 11 Jan, 2021

Top 3 Rummy Books You Must Add To Your Collection

Rummy is one of the most widely played card games in India. Here are a few books that players who love the game would love to read. Trust us, these books are very profound and will make you razor sharp. Bibliophiles, these books would be the perfect reads if you are into rummy and card games in general. Here are three books you must have:

How To Play Wild Rummy?

Autor: Pastor Joe Collins

Wild Rummy is one of the card games that is played extensively in Tennessee and Georgia. With the help of this book, Collins makes the readers familiar with Wild Rummy, a card game which is similar in its ways with rummy.  In Wild Rummy a player has gain points by collecting and categorizing cards into groups.

 In the game, when the first player runs out of cards, the points of all the players will get added up and deducted based on the cards that players are still holding. The author Pastor Joe Collins is a missionary and teaching professional, who has done missionary work in Alabama, United States. Collins recently started writing books and this book could be the perfect choice for you to understand and ace the basics of Wild Rummy.

Anyone Can Win At Gin Rummy And Canasta

Author: Alfred Drake

The author was an American theatre actor, writer and playwright. Anyone who wishes to improve their Gin Rummy skills can use this book as a guide to learn simple hands with the help of this expert’s advice. Drake makes you understand the simple ways in which you can ace at Canasta Rummy. This game is all about forming melds with seven cards of the same rank and ‘going out’ by playing all the cards.
Readers, be it Gin or Canasta, this book is easy to comprehend for newbies of the game.

Mastering Gin Rummy and Three-Handed Rummy Rules To Win Both

Author: Wyatt Julian

This book is a treasure trove of strategy tips for all Gin Rummy and three-handed Gin Rummy. The author Wyatt Julian has used psychological ploys and logic to justify the strategy tips he has shared.

Gin Rummy, played with a standard deck of 52 cards among two players is considered to be one of the easiest versions of rummy. This game is popular among Europeans. While Three-Handed Rummy is quite similar to Gin Rummy, the only difference is that three players can play it. In every game, the goal is to collect sets and earn points.

This book will help readers to understand the game using a step-by-step approach and will help in carefully analyzing the opponent’s hand. If you are looking for an all-inclusive guide to understand Gin Rummy, this should be your first choice.

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