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Are you a recent entrant into the online rummy space? If you already know how to play the thirteen-card rummy game, then, yay! You are all set to take advantage of the humongous choices in rummy variants.

But if you are a beginner with the card game itself, start off your online rummy journey with Points Rummy!

Points Rummy is an easy and engaging rummy variant so you can go for it being a beginner! Gradually, once you build familiarity with the rummy rules and strategies, you can try other variants as well.

A little about Points Rummy:

Like the name suggests, you play for points in this rummy variant. It is an exciting version of the traditional 13 card rummy game and is preferred by players who like to play fast! The rules are slightly different compared to regular rummy but remain quite simple to understand and apply. Here are a few significant details about this card game variant:

· The best part of Points rummy is that the game lasts for a single round only. So, whether one is a beginner learning the ropes or an expert player looking for the thrills, the single round serving of the game works well.

· Once a deal is served, the game ends with it and the next deal is the next game.

· At the beginning of each round of Points Rummy, players pre-decide a rupee value based on which the game continues. The fact that players themselves fix the rupee value gives them a sense of ownership towards the game. This feature has quickly made Points rummy a popular favourite.

How to play Points Rummy:

· There are 2 to 6 players per table like in most online rummy variants.

· Each game lasts for one round, so players cannot use the same card twice in a set.

· Players make sets or sequences even in points rummy just as in 13 card rummy,

· Players first set a point value for every game and continue to play.

· The first player who makes a valid show is the winner.

The buttons and clickable features on online card game sites are usually easy to understand. So even novice players can find their way around. Of course, one can feel comfortable with online Points rummy only after spending time on at least two rounds for practice!

How do you win at Points Rummy?

· Winnings = [(Point Value) X (Sum of value of opponent points)] – online rummy site fee.

· In a winning hand, it is necessary to have one pure sequence and one impure sequence.

· The maximum points a player can get are 80.

· At the end of every game, one player wins the prize pool money.

Important know-how in Points Rummy played online:

· If a player, for some reason has to drop mid-way, there are pre-defined points assigned to dropping. These points would be deducted from the dropping players count.

· In case the players leave the table abruptly, they will have to forego their entry fee amount.

· In the case of internet disconnection, three rounds will be played by the auto play feature in a 6-player table and 5 rounds in a 2-player table. After this, the auto play feature is discontinued and the particular player’s game is dropped.

This might sound like a lot of gyan but compared to some of the more complex rummy variants, Points rummy info is a breeze. The key is to play, so you get a grip on winning in one-time rounds. Points rummy is pretty popular among rummy player circles as Strikes Rummy. So, wish you a great strike at Points rummy!

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