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Get Insights On Fantasy Dangal App From Co-founder & CRO, Karan Gandhi

by Aakash Mishra Posted on 04 Aug, 2021

Seeded from the love for cricket and a desire to foray into the different skill gaming verticals, Fantasy Dangal is the most recent entrant into the fantasy sports arena. One of the renowned names in online poker and rummy in the country is Dangal Games. This firm is growing and expanding with a vision of becoming a market leader in the skill-based online gaming domain, further endorsing responsible gaming while keeping its users as its priority. 

Dangal Games Founders

Dangal Games Founders

We had a chat with Karan Gandhi about creating a fantasy gaming app and how this newly launched app keeps up with a bustling market. Gandhi is one of the five dynamic co-founders and the chief revenue officer at Dangal Games. 

Here are some excerpts from the interview…

Fantasy sports revolve around data. The app needs to get quickly updated with the latest data about players, their performance, live scores, and everything on a real-time basis. How is Fantasy Dangal updated with the latest timely data on the app?

We use various third-party tools which update our app with timely data regarding the player performance, match results, scorecards, line-ups, and statistics. In addition to this, we have a full-fledged operations team to drive this activity.

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How does Fantasy Dangal manage to keep the interactions with users alive while on the app?

There are multiple features on the application to interact with the users while they are on our platform. While users can see the live update of scores, points on the app, they can also track the performance of the competition.

Karan Gandhi

Karan Gandhi, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Dangal Games

How is user data secured and protected on Fantasy Dangal and other Dangal platforms like PokerDangal?

We use end-to-end encryption to ensure total privacy and security of the data of our users. In addition, we use the latest servers and kits from AWS to protect against breach of our data.

How does Dangal Games manage customer support on different platforms?

Customer support is the core of our business. We pride ourselves on solving our customer queries promptly. We have dedicated support teams for each vertical of Dangal Games. Each team is headed by a customer experience head who reports to the business heads for each vertical. The entire system is set up to provide a WOW experience to the user.

Fantasy dangal

How do you take care of player retention on the Fantasy Dangal app?

We are using various tools to track the user’s journey on the platform from sign-up to withdrawal. Fantasy Dangal offers the fastest withdrawal in the industry and the best promotions for deposit and registration. We have a bonus league where users can play for free and win real cash.

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What mechanisms are followed for the real-time analytics on the app?

Real-time analytics are tracked via various third-party tools. From updating the scores to the user’s journey, everything is mapped in real-time on Fantasy Dangal.

Gandhi shared his plans for Dangal Games and more about the different verticals of the company. Read the complete interview in Gutshot Magazine’s July 2021 edition. Sign-up once for a free unlimited access. 

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