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Best Opinion Trading Apps Available In India To Earn Money Fantasy sports
Guransh Machra
Posted on 06 Apr, 2024
By Guransh Machra
On 06 Apr, 2024
By Guransh Machra
On 06 Apr, 2024

Best Opinion Trading Apps Available In India To Earn Money

Opinion Trading has really taken off in India. In recent times, many apps have introduced game modes with this new feature as an additional contest on their apps/websites. It seems that this trend will only keep rising over time and will eventually become one of the most common game modes available. This article discusses what this new feature is exactly and lists some of the best apps in India that allow it.

What Is Opinion Trading?

Opinion trading is a new trend appearing online, and it involves the user answering a basic yes or no question. It started with general opinions, but now, many fantasy sports apps have started incorporating it into their apps/websites as a new game mode. This new systematic approach regarding trading on your opinion is basically an online trading mode where users make predictions of real-life events. This can be sports, stocks, or even daily trending topics like how many views a newly released music video will get on YouTube.

Sports betting is considered a grey area at best in India. However, trading on opinions is done by you providing your expert opinion and does not count as a game of luck. Hence, it does not count as sports betting and is completely legal in India. This is why many fantasy sports apps and websites have started adding this new feature to their platform.

What Are Some of the Best Opinion Trading Apps Like Probo?

Best Opinion Trading Apps Available In India To Earn Money

Probo was one of the original platforms that came up with this new approach. It was a cricket prediction app earn money through opinions. You use your expert opinion to decide the outcome and trade with others online. However, many new apps and websites have now decided to try their hand at this new trend. Many apps, especially in and around fantasy sports, have added opinion trading as a new feature. Some of the cricket trading app are:

MPL Opinio

MPL Opinio provides various ‘Today’s match prediction’ contests under opinion trading. Questions like ‘Will CSK defeat RCB at the Chinnaswamy Stadium?’ and ‘Will Virat Kohli score a century against KKR at Eden Gardens?’ are asked alongside a yes and no option. Users can answer the question according to their expert opinion.


Fantafeat is another opinion trading fantasy app. This brand new feature on this platform is called ‘TradeX’. It allows users to use their knowledge alongside their research prowess to give their opinions and trade online. The motto used is ‘Research + Foresee + Invest = Successful Gain’.


Trading your opinion on Real11 is simply called ‘Opinion’. Real11 ‘Opinion’ like many others is an opinion trading fantasy cricket app. You can use this to opinion trade regarding many events which are happening in and around the world of cricket. This cricket trading app is one of the apps using this unique new concept.


PlayerzPot is an opinion trading fantasy app which allows players to give their expert opinions and make money. There are many questions with yes/no as the possible answers. Trades can be placed on your answer ranging from ₹0.5 to ₹9.5. There is real-time order matching as you buy and sell your share with other users on the platform.

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Opinion trading involves using knowledge about certain topics to create strategies and plans. It follows a systematic approach, where the user needs to use his expertise and knowledge in a certain subject to be successful. Gambling, on the other hand, relies on luck and chance. It does not have a systematic approach, and the outcome is completely out of your hands. This is the difference between gambling and trading on opinions.

Probo is one of the first platforms to come up with the approach of opinion trading. They figured out the fine line between gambling and trading using your opinions and decided to give it a go in the Indian market. Probo lets you bet on many individual events, from sports matches and current news to YouTube videos and Instagram followers. The user can trade on it all on Probo. The app even lets you trade opinions on where the price of a stock will be after a certain amount of time.

There are many apps that have started opinion trading in India, especially around fantasy sports. Some of these apps are:

  • MPL Opinio
  • Fantafeat
  • Real11
  • PlayerzPot

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