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13 Oct, 2018 Steadiness is the way to succeed in Rummy Games

There is a renowned saying “Consistency is the way to progress.” Have you at any point considered how individuals achieve their objectives? It’s not on the grounds that they have an enchantment wand in their grasp, yet it’s through their persistence that they adv...

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09 Oct, 2018 President includes rummy as a dangerous activity in Telangana

The problems faced by games of skill such as Poker, Rummy, Bridge, etc have always been that in our country people believe that it’s more of gambling than a skill-based game. In some states playing the game, whether online or live, is banned and punishable by law. Though some progress h...

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03 Oct, 2018 Tricks to Bluff Opponents in Rummy Game

Rummy is a strategy based game. To win, it’s basic to conceptualize your rummy aptitudes to surpass your rival. In addition, indicating steadiness and rehearsing the game can end up being useful to win. Be that as it may, who stated, you can’t bluff in Rummy Game? Obviously,...

Rummy Rummy

02 Oct, 2018 How ‘Life’ and ‘Rummy’ are Related?

Rummy is an ability based card game which requires essential understanding and careful practice to achieve a specialist level. When we discuss the occurrences in the Rummy game, it can nearly identify with our life demonstrations. Today, we will stroll through the connection between ...

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30 Sep, 2018 Why is playing Rummy the perfect end to your weekend

There is no other game like Rummy whose primary purpose is to bring fun on the table. Rummy consists of a pack of 52 cards and three sub-categories of games viz. 13 card points rummy, 13 card deal rummy, and 13 card deals rummy. The game apart from being legalized in India, carries a hu...

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23 Sep, 2018 Winning at Rummy: Here’s How you do it!

Getting the hang of anything in life is an intense cut, however, showing signs of improvement at a game is just a matter of being the most intelligent person at the table. The way to being the most brilliant person at the table is weighed down with terrible guidance, underhanded moves, ...

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22 Sep, 2018 Significant Myths about Rummy

Being the most cherished card game in India, the prevalence of rummy is on the ascent so is the misguided judgments related to it. The approach of online rummy games has made it simple for the players to communicate with the game. If you are a card fan who cherishes playing customary ru...

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16 Sep, 2018 Tips to Master the Game: Rummy!

Rummy is a game of ability, and it requires encounter more than training. Which implies, that players who have been playing the game longer than you have a higher shot of winning since they have officially invested a lot of energy taking in the privileged insights of the game and acing ...

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