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The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’! Rummy

19 Nov, 2020 The Rummy Rule Book Opens Up On ‘How To Play Rummy’!

It is impossible not to be devoured by the enthusiasm of rummy fanatics. Also, not easy to admit that you are not well acquainted with this popular game. It can be quite sad indeed if you have to turn down a rummy game at that fun office party or a home gathering. But a little […]

Roundup Of Loyalty Programs Offered By Popular Rummy Sites Rummy

18 Nov, 2020 Roundup Of Loyalty Programs Offered By Popular Rummy Sites

So, rummy sites these days offer interesting loyalty programs and many loyal rummy fans swear by them. Alongside a huge repertoire of rewards – bonuses, giveaways, referral rewards etc., many rummy sites ensure they have a loyalty program in place. Ever wondered why? Let’s begin with wh...

Online Rummy Industry In Support Of Regulating Online Gaming Rummy

17 Nov, 2020 Online Rummy Industry In Support Of Regulating Online Gaming

The rummy industry in India has gone through many ups and downs in the past few years. Especially in Tamil Nadu where its residents are divided between its potential benefits and visible effects. In recent times many Indians have lost their lives due to gambling involved while playing o...


16 Nov, 2020 One Of The Most Promising Online Gaming Brands: Gully Rummy

In spite of the pandemic, if there is an urge to make some cash while having a little fun, then Gully Rummy is the go-to place! Though new sites have been mushrooming online, Gully Rummy has made its mark. In fact, it earned the title of ‘Most Promising Online Gaming Brand’ by a leading...

Is the vibe missing from festive this year? Online rummy is your cure all! Rummy

10 Nov, 2020 Is The Festive Vibe Missing This Year? Online Rummy Is Your Cure All!

India, the land of vibrant festivals is gearing up for the biggest festive craze of the year with Dussehra and Diwali. Indian festivals are like no other. This is indeed everybody’s favorite part of the year and the festive mood in the air is quite infectious! No matter what differences...


10 Nov, 2020 Auto-Play On Spartan Rummy Makes It Very Much Gen-Next!

“Rummy-rummy-rummy” – this is all you might see on the internet or hear from friends, family and colleagues on a typical lockdown day, you need to start looking at Spartan Rummy! Here’s why … Technology really outdoes itself every time you think nothing better than the current stuff is ...

Rummy Dictionary Part 2 Rummy

03 Nov, 2020 The Rummy Dictionary – Part II

If this is your first time looking up Rummy terms, then we encourage you to look at The Rummy Dictionary – Part I before you start reading this! Last time, we wen’t over some common and basic terms in rummy such as suit, dealer and draw pile. This time around, let’s go...

Islam Gymkhana in Mumbai bans rummy and other card games Rummy

02 Nov, 2020 Islam Gymkhana in Mumbai bans rummy and other card games

Card game rummy has been one of the most favoured games in India. With the association of it to mythology and festivities, Rummy holds a huge place in our culture. Mumbai’s well-known Islam Gymkhana, a popular sports hub and centre for socio-cultural activities, finds its members in dis...

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