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Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 22 May, 2024
By Gutshot Editorial
On 22 May, 2024
By Gutshot Editorial
On 22 May, 2024

CardBaazi: India’s First Ever Snakes And Ladder Tournament

CardBaazi, India’s premier online gaming platform, has taken the classic game of Snakes and Ladders to a whole new level with their innovative offering: Power Ladders. Let’s dive into the exciting world of Power Ladders and explore how it combines nostalgia, skill, and real cash rewards.

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CardBaazi Power Ladders

What is Power Ladders?

Power Ladders is a fast-paced, single-player version of the beloved international game. Unlike traditional Snakes and Ladders, where luck alone determines your fate, Power Ladders adds an element of strategy and skill. Here’s what makes it unique:

  1. Thrilling Gameplay: From the first roll of the dice, Power Ladders keeps you on the edge of your seat. Every move matters, and your ladder becomes your path to lucrative winnings.
  2. Real Cash Rewards: Yes, you read that right! Power Ladders isn’t just a game; it’s a chance to win real money. Backed by impressive graphics and engaging gameplay, it’s designed to keep you entertained while you aim for those cash prizes.

Power Ladders Tournament Rules

How Does It Work?

  • Single-Player Game: Each player receives red tokens, and the game is played solo.
  • Token Placement: Nine tokens of various colours are randomly placed on the board.
  • Scoring System:
    • Earn 1 point for each cell moved by your token.
    • Climb up ladders to increase your points.
    • Cutting an opponent’s token also boosts your score.
    • Points for reaching home are multiplied by your current score:
      • 1st token reaches home = +2X points
      • 2nd token reaches home = +3X points
      • 3rd token reaches home = +4X points
  • 100x Return on buy-ins: You can win up to 100x of your buy in amount playing Power Ladders. The tournament buy-in starts at just ₹1, with the daily guaranteed prize pool of ₹60k plus.

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Example Calculation:

Suppose a player’s total score is 80, and their first token’s individual score is 60. They roll a 5 and reach home. Here’s how it works:

  1. Token’s score: 60 + 5 = 65
  2. Multiplier: 65 x 2 = 130
  3. Total score: 80 + 130 = 210

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Additional Rules:

  • Extra Moves: Rolling a 6 grants extra moves, and cutting an opponent’s token allows additional progress.
  • Time Limit: Players have a fixed number of moves within a time limit.
  • Penalties: Tokens falling when reaching a snake’s head result in point deductions.
  • Mid-Game Exit: If a player leaves mid-game, their points count for the scoreboard.
  • Multiple Entries: Some tournaments allow multiple entries.

Get Started on Power Ladders

Ready to climb the Power Ladders? Follow these steps:

  1. Download the CardBaazi App: Whether you’re on Android or iOS, grab the CardBaazi app here.
  2. Register an Account: Sign up using code GUTSHOT10 and get ₹10 real cash bonus.

Now, roll the dice, strategize, and aim for the top! CardBaazi’s Power Ladders await your ascent. Good luck! 🎲 

CardBaazi Sign-up and get ₹10

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