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Best Carrom Earning App For Real Money Gaming
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 05 Apr, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Apr, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Apr, 2024

Best Carrom Earning App For Real Money

In the digital age, traditional games like Carrom have found a new lease of life. Carrom earning apps have become increasingly popular in India, combining the thrill of the game with the opportunity to earn real money.

What Is A Carrom Earning App?

A Carrom earning app is a mobile application that allows users to play Carrom online and earn real money rewards. These apps offer a digital version of the classic board game, where players can compete against others to emerge victorious. 

How Does Carrom Earning App Work?

Carrom earning apps work on a simple principle. Users sign up on the app, participate in matches or tournaments, and earn cash prize based on their performance. The money earned can be transferred to the user’s bank account or digital wallet.

Features Of Carrom Earning Apps

Most Carrom earning apps come with a host of features. They offer multiple game modes, including practice matches, one-on-one matches, and tournaments. Some apps also offer different versions of Carrom, such as ‘Freestyle Carrom’ or ‘Black and White Carrom’.

These apps also have a hassle-free user-interface, with easy controls and realistic graphics that replicate the experience of playing Carrom on a physical board. They also have a fair play policy to ensure that all games are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Earning Money On Carrom Apps

The primary way to earn money on Carrom apps is by participating in matches or tournaments. The entry fee for these matches varies. Some apps also offer daily, weekly, or monthly leaderboards, where players can earn additional rewards based on their performances.

In addition to this, some apps also offer referral bonuses. Users can earn money by referring the app to their friends and family.

Legal and Safe

Carrom earning apps are legal and safe to use in India. The apps also have secure payment gateways for transactions, and they adhere to strict privacy policies to protect user data.

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How To Play Carrom Online In India

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play carrom online in India. 

Step 1: Choose the Right Platform

Several online platforms offer carrom games. These carrom apps are among the best real cash apps which are available on both Android and iOS devices. Choose a platform that suits your preferences in terms of graphics, user interface, and gameplay.

Step 2: Download And Install The App

Once you’ve chosen a platform, visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for the app, and download it. After the download is complete, install the app on your device.

Step 3: Register And Log In

After installing the app, you’ll need to register or log in. You can usually register with your email, phone number, or social media or Google account. Some apps also allow guest logins for those who want to try the game before creating an account.

Step 4: Understand The Rules

While the basic rules of carrom remain the same, each online platform may have its own set of additional rules and features. Take time to understand these rules. Most apps have a ‘How to Play’ or ‘Rules’ section.

Step 5: Start Playing

Once you’re familiar with the rules, you can start playing. You can choose to play against the computer, play with friends, or play with other players online. 

Step 6: Purchase In-Game Items (optional)

Most online carrom games are free to play but offer in-game purchases. These can be for cosmetic items like new board designs and striker styles, or for boosts that can give you an edge in the game. Remember, these purchases are optional and not necessary to enjoy the game.

Step 7: Practice And Improve

Like any game, becoming good at online carrom requires practice. Spend time playing the game, learn from your mistakes, and continuously improve your skills.

Playing carrom online is like playing one of the best cash app games from the comfort of your home. It not only provides entertainment but also helps improve concentration and strategic thinking. So, download the best carrom earning app and start striking

Carrom Earn Money Apps

We are adding below a list of online gaming platforms which offer the best carrom earning app without investment. If you wish to play carrom tournaments, then you will have to pay for the buy-ins in order to participate. 


WinZO offers two modes for Carrom – professional and freestyle. The brand has partnered with trusted payment partners such as Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, etc., ensuring 100% secure and safe transactions. New users will receive a sign-up bonus of 550, which can be used to play games. WinZO offers a referral program where players can earn rewards for introducing new users to the site.


PlayerzPot, a top-rated carrom real earning app in India, also offers Ludo and various fantasy sports like cricket and football, among others. It provides an excellent gaming experience suitable for both novice and experienced carrom players. 

The app ensures responsible gaming with daily deposit limits, fraud detection technology, and adherence to guidelines. It offers 24/7 customer support and a rewarding “refer and earn” program. Players on this platform can earn a 2% cash bonus which will get directly transferred to your wallet. 

A23 Games 

The game has been simulated to mirror real-life gameplay scenarios. The graphics are enhanced to the point which is as close as it can get to the actual game. You are guided at every juncture to smoothen your accuracy and aim while striking. 

This Carrom app’s responsiveness and instant feedback have been improved to help you reach your optimum level as a player in real quick time. A23 Games offers exclusive emojis and various chat options for an engaging gameplay experience. You can customise your game with various striker skins. Here, players can get an instant welcome bonus of up to 1,500. You can also get a 10% cashback up to ₹50 if you add cash and pay with rewards on A23 Games.

Play Real 

Play Real enhances the traditional Carrom experience with multiple game variations. You can play Carrom anytime as Play Real provides 24/7 game tables. Players can instantly withdraw their earnings 24/7 directly into your wallet. New users receive a sign-up bonus of 25. Play Real offers a referral bonus of 10. The gaming platform also offers a deposit bonus of up to 5,000.

Crazy Games

Players can test your speedy carrom skills as they flick the puck, complete challenges, and unlock new levels. The game has a charming Indian theme, making it a perfect dose of fun to brighten up your day. The game has intuitive controls. You can drag left-click on the slider to move the puck, drag left-click on the puck to aim, and release left-click to flick the puck. The game has irresistibly appealing and streamlined graphics. The game pairs players based on the levels of their carrom skills.


We hope your hunt for a Carrom real earning app came to an end with the above listing. The game is not just a source of entertainment, but also a potential source of income. For this we have listed the best carrom earning apps which offer a unique blend of fun and competition. Choose a platform which suits your preferences and get started. 

Telegram Fantasy


When it comes to Carrom, every app has its unique features. Players can choose an app based on their preference. You can try playing on best carrom earning apps like WinZo, A23 Games, PlayerzPot, Play Real, and Crazy Games. 

Players can try their hands at cash earning apps like WinZo, A23 Games, PlayerzPot, Play Real and Crazy Games offer real money rewards.

For your daily carrom playing needs, players can try carrom apps which offer guaranteed prize money.

To increase your chances of winning, focus on mastering the basics of carrom, such as striking techniques and aiming. Practice different shots, including the thumb shot and finger flick, to improve your accuracy and control over the striker. Pay attention to the position of the queen and prioritize pocketing it when possible, but be mindful of the risk of pocketing it prematurely. Observe your opponent’s moves and anticipate their next shot to plan your defense and offense accordingly. 

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