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Player Retention In Fantasy Sports Fantasy sports
Aakash Mishra
Posted on 15 Jul, 2021
By Aakash Mishra
On 15 Jul, 2021
By Aakash Mishra
On 15 Jul, 2021

Player Retention In Fantasy Sports

Player Retention In Fantasy Sports: Fantasy sports is a simulation game in which you organize your dream team with players from the real world and compete for points throughout each match and season.

There are various sports such as baseball, soccer, and basketball, but if you take soccer as an example, points will be distributed based on the results of the actual game, such as 6 points if you score a goal and 8 points at the penalty shootout.

It is a game in which you compete with your opponent for the total points earned. This fantasy sport is one of the major games played online, mainly in Europe and the United States.

Player Retention In Fantasy Sports, How to retain players in fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports is nothing but a game of skill, that requires research, resources and technique to create a team of real players for forthcoming matches and compete with other enthusiasts to win enormous prizes.

Use your sports knowledge to select a team within a 100-credit budget that is likely to score the most points in the selected match. Remember that you can create and participate in contests for up to 11 teams per match.

Currently, 20 teams can also participate in contests with more than 10,000 spots. Therefore, try different combinations to increase your chances of winning.

Fantasy points are earned by real players based on their performance in a match. For example, players earn points for wickets in cricket, goals, assists, etc. (soccer), and similar actions in other sports.

Generic Tech That Helps Fantasy Platforms To Operate

From amateur players to professionals, from minor statistics to augmented reality technology, fantasy sports has established an important and promising role in large-scale sports ecology. 

Player Retention In Fantasy Sports

Hardcore sports enthusiasts, often regarded as isolated gaming activities, have proven it to be a highly competitive area.  Therefore, it is incorporated into broadcasting, advertising, sports marketing and promotion. 

There are studies that tell a hopeful story about this virtual gaming experience, where sports and technology are finely integrated to provide an immersive and engaging viewing experience.

Cloud Technology: Fantasy sports game changer

Cloud technology has already revolutionized many industries and has become a popular technology for running enterprise core infrastructure. Many companies are developing gaming platforms with a more immersive and richer gaming experience. Needless to say, this requires a lot of technical upgrades, where the presence of cloud is important.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionizes fantasy sports

Fantasy sports are analytical in nature and are designed to measure a user’s analytical ability and psychological state. This is a solid starting point for discussing the future of fantasy sports and artificial intelligence. 

Why do game industry advocates think AI could be a game-changer and how do developers find a way to this fictitious fusion of AI and fantasy sports?

Some questions do not have perfect answers, but researchers and game designers are already paving the way for AI to move from laboratories to playable products. 

AI is used in a variety of applications, including computer vision, natural language, and recommender systems. Recently, AI has been used in chatbots, saving a lot of time and investment from the perspective of a large customer service team.

Use of progressive web apps

Progressive web technology makes it possible to integrate the two technologies. The best web and native applications for the users.  Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is designed to make your gaming platform more reliable, faster, smoother and more attractive. 

With a particular focus on user experience, it can be very helpful in terms of experience, user reach, acquisition and transformation.

Progressive web apps for sports and adventure are designed for all customers. The main idea is to provide users with personalized product recommendations. Intuitive-based applications improve it every time a gamer uses it.

We hope that you have savored our article concerning Player Retention In Fantasy Sports. We have created this webpage, for our, every Fantasy follower, Stay tuned on our website and for more fantasy sports updates, keep reading GutshotMagazine!

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