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Sign Up On Real11 And Get ₹100 FREE Welcome Bonus Fantasy sports
Guransh Machra
Posted on 22 May, 2024
By Guransh Machra
On 22 May, 2024
By Guransh Machra
On 22 May, 2024

Sign Up On Real11 And Get ₹100 FREE Welcome Bonus

Real11 is a fantasy sports site that offers added features to its users. It allows users to play fantasy cricket alongside some other very interesting game modes, which are listed in the article below. This article talks about the welcome bonus that Real11 offers to all its new users.

Real11 Sign Up Bonus

Sign Up On Real11 And Get ₹100 FREE Welcome Bonus

Real11 offers a fantastic promo to all its new users. You get a sign-up bonus of ₹100 on signing up, which gets credited to your cash balance. On top of this welcome bonus, they also offer a deposit bonus to new users. You get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to ₹5000. Both offers are very inviting to new users, and the opportunity to avail of these offers should not be missed.

What Other Features Are Available On Real11

Real11 provides more options than just fantasy sports to its users. They have four different modes which can be played. You can choose between fantasy sports, opinion trading, in-app games, and player exchange. The most popular mode after fantasy sports is opinion trading.

Opinion trading has become very famous in recent times. As you are putting money on an outcome based on your opinion, it does not come under gambling. You can trade on many opinions, from who you think will be the top scorer to how many runs a team will end up making.

Player exchange is a unique game mode offered by Real11. You get to trade players with other people. The players have predetermined prices, and you can select over or under depending on how you think they will do in the game. If you think the player will score fantasy points that will exceed the base price, you select over. If you think the player will not do well and will score fewer fantasy points than its base price, you select under.

There are two sections in this game mode, ‘Fantasy Exchange’ and ‘Run Exchange’. While ‘Fantasy Exchange’ is based on the number of fantasy points achieved by the player, ‘Runs Exchange’ is solely based on the number of runs he will score in the match. The same format of over and under is followed for the ‘Run Exchange’ as well. 

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Which Sports Are Covered In Real11 Fantasy Games?

Real11 covers three sports on its platform. Fantasy sports can be played in cricket, football, and kabaddi. Big football leagues like the Premier League and La Liga are also covered by Real11. You can build teams and participate in contests for these leagues.

What Games Can Be Played On Real11?

Master Ludo

Master Ludo is an online Ludo game where you can earn money by playing against other players online. It follows the basic rules of the Ludo game. You race across the map to reach home safely. The first person to do so wins the game.

Point Ludo

Point Ludo puts a whole new twist on the classic game of Ludo. In this game, users are challenged to complete a full game within a predetermined time limit of 24 moves per player. The one who accumulates the maximum number of points by the end of 24 moves is the one who is crowned as the winner.

Telegram Fantasy

Points System: 

‘On capturing an opponent’s token, a user will be credited with positive points for the number of tokens he/she has cut off, which will be added to his/her total score and vice-versa.’

‘For example, A has 35 Points, and B has 60 Points. A cuts off B’s token with the number 6 on the dice by moving six steps. Then, A will have 41 Points, and B will remain on 60 Points till that turn. Suppose, in this case, B’s token makes a total of 20 moves on the board from starting before B’s token is captured by A. However, A will get the benefit of those 20 moves of B, and that would be added to A’s points, and his total would be (41 + 20 = 61) after completing a move.’

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Real11; Get ₹5,000 Welcome Cash Bonus

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