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Watch: Mushfiqur Rahim Given Out For Obstructing The Field Sports
Aakash Mishra
Posted on 06 Dec, 2023
By Aakash Mishra
On 06 Dec, 2023
By Aakash Mishra
On 06 Dec, 2023

Watch: Mushfiqur Rahim Given Out For Obstructing The Field

Watch: Mushfiqur Rahim Given Out For Obstructing The Field: During a recent cricket match, the experienced Bangladeshi cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim found himself at the centre of controversy as he was given out for obstructing the field. The incident occurred during a crucial game phase when Rahim faced deliveries from New Zealand’s pace bowler, Kyle Jamieson.

On Day 1 of the second Test between Bangladesh and New Zealand in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim was dismissed for obstructing the field. This was the first time a Bangladeshi man had been adjudged out for obstructing the field in international cricket.

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The incident occurred in the 41st over of the first innings after Bangladesh chose to bat. Rahim, who was batting on 35, defended a delivery from seamer Kyle Jamieson and touched the ball with his right hand as it bounced past the stumps. This made him the eighth batter to be dismissed handling the ball in Tests and the 11th overall in men’s cricket.

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Watch: Mushfiqur Rahim Given Out For Obstructing The Field

Handling the ball was originally one of eleven modes of dismissals in cricket. However, it was integrated into the Law of obstructing the field during the amendments of Laws of Cricket in 2017. This means that if a batter intentionally touches the ball with their hand or hands, they can be given out for obstructing the field. The law also applies if a batter uses their hand or hands to prevent the ball from hitting the stumps or to distract the fielding side.

Obstructing the field is a rare mode of dismissal in cricket, and it is often a controversial one. The law is designed to prevent a batter from deliberately interfering with the play, but it can be difficult to determine whether a batter’s actions were intentional or not. In Rahim’s case, it appeared that he had touched the ball instinctively, without any intention to obstruct the field. However, the umpires deemed that he had obstructed the field and gave him out.

Rahim’s dismissal was a blow to Bangladesh, who were struggling at 221/5 at the end of Day 1. However, they will be hoping to bounce back on Day 2 and put up a competitive total against a strong New Zealand side. The incident also serves as a reminder to batters to be careful with their hands and to avoid any actions that could be interpreted as obstructing the field.

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